Friday, July 3, 2015

Fynnleigh Is 3

* All pictures from this post are from the amazing Erin who did our family/B's 3 month pictures.

Hard to believe how quickly 3 years have gone by. I know, so cliche, but it's really true. Fynn is an amazingly bright, funny, sweet, and stubborn little girl. I am so proud to be her mommy... even though she so often drives me absolutely crazy.

  • Fynn is also known as: Fynnie, Fynnie-Mini, Buggy, Buggy-Girl, Bugaboo, and Sissy.
  • She wears size 3T clothing, but fits into 4T as well. She is surprisingly tall considering her average sized father and petite mother.
  • Fynn doesn't eat much besides fruit, yogurt, cereal, and toast. Her recent fav is sausage, and she asks for it every night. It's pretty much the only meat she eats although she'll sometimes also eat deli turkey. Meal times are a little rough, since she doesn't like to try things that aren't on her "approved list". She does like snack and will eat apples, bananas, watermelon, mango, strawberries, etc as her only food source if we'll let her. Not that I don't like her eating fruit, but she needs to eat some other foods too!
  • She fights naps, much to my chagrin, but is usually okay with having "rest time" in the afternoon. Sometimes she REALLY needs to sleep, but doesn't... and then the fun begins.
  • She kills me with how smart she is. She picks up on things so quickly and is constantly saying and doing things that blow our minds. She can count to 12 now, but likes to skip the number 5. I'm not sure if she forgets it, or is just messing with me, because when I remind her of 5 she either tells me she doesn't like 5 or tries to convince me that 6 comes after 4. 
  • She knows some of her letters, but is strangely a fan of the letter "H". She notices and points out the letter H on signs, in books, and anywhere else she sees it and gets all excited. I think it started because of the "H"'s on the road (marking fire hydrants), so H was her first letter.
  • Talks up a storm. Lately chipmunks have been "shipmunks" and nail polish is "paul-nalish". Despite some incorrect words, she just talks so much like a child and not like a baby anymore. 
  • She loves watching Team Umizoomi which has actually taught her a lot about shapes. She knows random shapes like a crescent and even told me one day that a stop sign was a "lex-agon" which is way closer to a hexagon than a 3 year old should be getting. 
  • She is an amazing big sister. More than anything else this last year, this is the thing I am the most proud of her for. She went from being the only child, only grandchild, center of all our universes to being a big sister and almost seamlessly. My heart swells and my eyes fill with tears as I think about how much she loves her little brother and how sweet, kind, and loving she has been to him since the second he was born. I know that they'll fight, and be typical siblings, but I also know that they already have an inseparable bond- and that Fynn is the one who created that. 

Thursday, July 2, 2015

Why my kid probably won't go to preschool any time soon.

Fynn turns 3 tomorrow, and for awhile now I've been getting questions about when and where she's going to preschool. I always kind of shrug it off as a "when she's ready" and "maybe when she's 4", but the truth is that I don't know if I want to send her to preschool. If we do send her, it probably won't be until she's 5.

Here's why.

I don't want to send her to school until she's 6. Her birthday is in July, which means we'll either send her to school when she's newly 5, or newly 6. Wouldn't be a problem is Kindergarten was the play-based, social learning place it used to be. But with Common Core and high-stakes testing combined with teacher evaluation based on said test scores... I don't want to put that on my kid. Idealistically, I'd home school her, but I think neither of us would survive that and I have to do that whole annoying work thing. Short of that, I want to wait until she's just a little bit older to buy her more time as a kid and less time sitting in a chair.

Planning backwards from Kindergarten, preschool is great and all, but she doesn't need that kind of structure yet. I think a year of it will be plenty for her to have experience with the structure and expectations of a pre-k program. Until then, she'll go to daycare and just play. Yes, they read books, do crafts, and have expectations about behavior... but it's play. She's learning by experiencing and playing and having fun.

We may change our minds later. We may decide that the home daycare she's at now isn't helping her grow as much any more, or that too many of the kids her age are going to pre-k (therefore taking away the learning opportunity that comes from playing with kids her own age), or she may be ready earlier than we are anticipating. We're constantly thinking about it and reevaluating what's best for her, but as of right now, as we're on the cusp of 3, we have no plans to send her to preschool. 
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