Thursday, April 21, 2016

Fitbit Customer Service is awesome

A month ago I bumped my Fitbit Surge against a chair while walking through our dining room and was devastated to discover I had cracked it. I'd only had it since Christmas, and am a little obsessive about meeting my daily step goal and tracking my runs. I was so upset that I had broken it and worried that the crack would get worse and make the entire device unusable. 
My cracked screen

I e-mailed Fitbit customer service to see if there was a way to replace the glass or otherwise fix it. They asked me to send them a picture of the damage and info on where it was purchased from. Two days after that they send me a new one.

Color me shocked.

I was not expecting a whole new Fitbit. At most I thought I would send them the broken one, so they could replace the glass. In reality I was afraid they were going to give me a discount on buying a new one, as some of the forums I'd read about similar issues said that was their resolution. Not only that, but they didn't even want me to send back the cracked one. I e-mailed them back to ask about sending the broken one to them, and they advised that I could keep, recycle, or "do what I would like" with the broken one.

Mind blown.

Not only do I have a new Fitbit, but now we have an extra one that Fynn enjoys wearing around the house- constantly asking what time it is and how many steps she's taken. That kind of service makes me love my Fitbit even more.

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

In our house, we're getting strong, not skinny.

Like 99.9% of women, I've always battled with body image issues, yada yada yada. Pretty sure most of is from growing up where my mom was always on a diet of some sort and fretting about her weight. (sorry, mom, if you're reading this)
Showing off some guns

Knowing this made me realize I don't want Fynn to know I worry about weight or being thin, so I've always tried to talk about being healthy, and strong. I'm not perfect. Drew and I often discuss weight loss or whether our clothes make us look skinny. Fynn has seen me first gain and then lose a lot of weight over the past 2 years, so I want her to see the thought and work that goes into being in shape and having a healthy attitude about exercise.
Fynn picked out our workout today

Lately Fynn has been joining me in some of my workouts, and it's been fun to see her try to do different exercises. Today we rocked some 30 Day Shred a la my bestie Jillian Michaels and Fynn professed afterwards that we were getting super strong together, though I was pretty sweaty which she thought was gross. I'm trying to get us both in the habit of exercising during Bentley's morning nap, that way I can get my workouts in each morning once we're on summer vacation.
Our DVD player is broken, so we rock our workouts on the laptop

And now, my blogging time must come to an end as a certain 3 1/2 year old is upstairs yelling "Mom-EE, Mom-Ma, Mom-EE, Mom-Ma" along with some nonsense song that is sure to wake up her little brother.

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