Sunday, February 20, 2011

Avoiding a cold and watery grave...

Those of you who read this blog, know that hubby and I just recently took up snowmobiling lately, and I have been a little unsure about it, mostly because I hate the cold and am generally petrified of machinery... BUT, I promised hubs I'd give it a try and I've been a pretty good sport, I've even had fun... but there are some aspects that I just can't deal with.

One of my first rules when I agreed to snowmobile was that I didn't want to go over lakes, rivers, etc. I don't think that is too much to ask. Yes I know there is like a foot of ice there, but there is something about taking a 600-plus pound piece of metal, machine, and my fat butt over something as fickle as ice. Sorry, I would prefer to avoid a cold and watery grave if at all possible. Therefore, imaging my shock, horror, and fear as within 5 minutes of today's ride we are soaring over Wichita Lake... It was around 30 degrees today, so the ice SHOULD have still been frozen, but there was no guarantee... I didn't want to risk my life on "should be"... so I cried all the way across the lake. 

Once I was over that (it took me awhile because it was scary and I was pissed) I enjoyed our ride for awhile. But then I was stupid enough to try driving... I'm still learning how to drive a snowmobile, so Drew has been driving on the trails so our friends don't have to wait forever for me to catch up, but I figured since Drew and I have our own sleds now, I should probably man up and drive myself. Yea, BIG mistake. Apparently I suck at driving because Drew kept screaming at me and telling me I was going to kills us both, so naturally I started sobbing AGAIN. 

It wasn't all bad,  some of it was fun, I drove again later and did a really good job (I think, Drew wasn't yelling anymore so I must not have done TOO bad) AND I saw about 30 deer in the woods. It was amazing, they were right by the trail and just stood there staring at us for the longest time, they were absolutely beautiful.

So that was my day. Now that I am home thawing out (seriously my feet were numb for the longest time) and I've eaten, today doesn't seem so bad. Yes it had it's low points, but it was fun and I had a really good time with some great friends. I don't have any pix... but I think Drew has one on his phone from when we climbed this sweet stone tower thing up on top of a hill. So if I can figure out how to get it off his phone, I will post it. If not, you will have to take my word that it was amazing.

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