Friday, February 11, 2011

Day 1

Day 01- A recent picture of you and 15 interesting facts about yourself

  1. I have creepy-long toes that look more like fingers than toes
  2. I am a hardcore attention whore...(thus the blog)
  3. but I'm also afraid of having people look at me... go figure
  4. I have this weird facination with popping zits, and pus... basically anything that oozes (luckily my sister understands and shares this obsession, so I have someone to talk to about it)
  5. I hold grudges
  6. And I am completly passive agressive, so I will never just say I am pissed and get it over (thus #5)
  7. I love anything and everything pink!
  8. I have a love/hate relationship with my sister that goes from 2 hour phone calls and constantly hanging out to not speaking for a month or more. The good part is that no matter how pissed we get, eventually we just stop being mad and get over it
  9. My husband has been my best friend for the past 8 years (and he's the best friend a girl could ask for...unless I try to talk about my period or babies, then he freaks out)
  10. I'm scared... of EVERYTHING: spiders, being mudered in my sleep, getting attacked, the dark, snakes, sharks, bugs, dying, someone I love dying, being home alone, mice, embarrassing myself in public, getting in trouble, having no friends... basically all the what-ifs in life, and many more things.
  11. I watch a digusting amount of television... I have honestly spent an entire weekend sitting on my ass in front of the tv and not gotten bored with it
  12. I love to read, all kinds of books. See the bottom of the blog, my shelfari bookshelf shows all the books I have/want to read
  13. I'm a very jealous person... not for material things, but for how great other people's lives appear compared to mine
  14. I am a Facebook/blog stalker, I love reading about other people's lives... even though that often leads me back to #13
  15. I currently have hardcore baby fever... I love to hear/thing/talk about babies/pregnancies and can't wait until it's my turn 

So there's day 1 of my 30-day challenge. I am going to try my best to faithfully follow the challenge, but this IS me, so no promises. 

In other news... TGIF!!!! This has been the longest week in a really long time. First off it's the first full week of work without a snow day that we've had in like a month. I know, boo-freaking-who, BUT it is painful to go back to a full workweek when you've had a taste of 4-day weeks. Today was horrific because I stupidly watched Vampire Diaries (don't judge) last night before going to bed, thus I did not sleep because I kept imagining various creatures/creepers running around my house AND the puppy was freaking out because her daddy wasn't home and she wanted to play with him. 

Not only was I tired, but my kids were WOUND. In their defense, about 1/3 of my class was pulled out for a music thing at the high school, so the remaining students didn't want to do anything... I was nice and told them they could work on their homework instead of starting something new, but they just wanted to be loud, obnoxious and silly...ugh, so frustrating. I love teaching, don't get me wrong, but sometimes it's hard to patient and nice. Sometimes I just want to scream at them, or burst into tears... so far I don't believe I've done either (thought that's not to say I don't go home and do it). 

So yes, long day, long week... my plan for the night: mindless television and puppy-cuddling time! 

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