Saturday, February 12, 2011

Have I told you about my snowmobile?

Anyone who know's me, knows that I'm definitely a girly-girl. I love pink, make-up and cute clothes... BUT there is this little part of me that loves machines. I had a blast last summer using my husband's truck to rip small trees out of our front yard, I LOVE riding the 4-wheelers up at camp and my new toy: the snowmobile.

It started last winter when Drew bought a snowmobile. It wasn't his dream machine, but it was a good price. Drew spent some time that winter fixing it up and dreaming of the days we would spend riding through the reaction: hell no! I hated the cold, I had no desire to ride around aimlessly, and I thought it was a waste of money but I figured it was a better waste of money  safer choice than the motorcycle he really wanted. 

2001 Arctic Kat Panther 550

As fate would have it, there was no snow last winter (since Drew bought a plow a few months before his snowmobile, so of course he didn't get to earn any money from it). So that leads us to this winter.

A few days after Christmas, Drew was out in the garage playing with his sled. We finally had enough snow to ride, so he was making a few minor improvements. I on the other hand was inside doing yoga when I heard the engine revving up. I happened to look up out my front window just in time to see the snowmobile racing across the front yard... with Drew chasing after it. Hilarious looking back on it... scary as hell in the moment. 

By the time I got outside Drew (and the sled) were no where to be found. I ran down my street screaming his name and following tracks that went across my front yard, jumped (literally) the street into my neighbor's yard, crunched through some trees jumped back across the street and raced a few feet from neighbor #2's house before smashing into a tree about 20 feet into the woods. Sweet

By the time I found Drew (and our amazing neighbor who ran outside to help him) the snowmobile was totaled, and stuck! It took us two friend's and their snowmobile to get that beast towed back to our house... it was a crazy night and here's what things looked like the next morning: 
Our front yard
Poor tree! 

Any way, since then Drew has been obsessing over finding a new one, and I have warmed up (haha) to the idea, so we bought these a few weeks ago: 
2005 Ski Doo MXZ 550F, I've named him Optimus Prime :)

My sweet pink HJC helmet :) 

The above sled is MY sled; Optimus Prime :) and will soon be decked out with pink decals that match the helmut... I can't wait! 

NOW, Drew found his sled, so we went today to get his beast... I'm a little jealous that his is such an awesome color, but mine will be better when I finish fixing it: 
2006 Polaris Switchback 900. This is Spidey :)
So now we can look forward to riding together. 

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