Sunday, February 27, 2011

...I swear, there's nothing in my jacket!

...but that guy didn't even bother to check! 

I'm talking about store alarms, those ones by the door. What is the point of happening if every employee turns away the second it goes off? 

For the past couple of weeks, I've been setting off alarms at certain stores, and no I'm not stashing loot in my pockets! It's only been in a couple of stores, but I've been setting the alarm off both when I walk in AND when I walk out, and never once has an employee even approached me! What is the point then? Yes, its super embarrassing, even if the employee's don't look, all the other customers do! 

Drew keeps teasing me, so I decided to fully investigate. Today when the alarm went off, I didn't have anything with me besides my coat. So I turned the coat apart, emptied my pockets... and found nothing.

Hm...ok, time to look for tags... huh, there was this little tag between the layers of my jacket that said "remove after purchasing". Yeah, there's a little micro-chip style patch inside the tag... we will see whether cutting that out solves the problem... otherwise I'm done going to stores! (yeah right, I WISH I had that kind of self-control!)

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