Thursday, February 10, 2011

Schedule Change!

Good news!

The hubby got a new job! Okay, not really new, and it may be temporary for now, but it IS a start. Currently Drew's regular schedule is Wed-Sun 2:30-7:30ish. Notice that's not exactly an 8-hour shift.. yeah, lucky S.O.B worked on a time standard where he got paid by the amount of work, not the time spent. So although he was supposed to work until 10, he always got done earlier because he would go fast. While that job has it's perks (hello good money and low hours) the fact that he worked nights and weekends was painful. I have spent A LOT of time alone in the past year and a half and we have had to say no to a lot of outings and activities that were scheduled for the weekends.

The last two weeks have been a torturous new schedule; 5pm- 2am (yuck). I get home from work in just enough time for a disgustingly early dinner and about half an hour with him before he heads out. Then I get to be along all night :( I don't handle nighttime alone in my house well... I'm too paranoid and possess a MAJORLY overactive imagination (blame too many episodes of Criminal Minds). Needless to say I haven't slept well the past two weeks and I have eaten way too much junk.

But that is all changing!

Starting Monday hubby will work an 8-5 in the corporate office AND have weekends off. SCORE! The position is currently a "temporary" one (I believe he said about 3 months), but usually positions like this lead into other positions and/or a full time switch. I'm excited for him because although he liked the money of the current job, this new one actually lets him use his brain (yes hun, I'm admitting you've got one there) AND has room for growth.

...the only downside? I currently use my lonely nights to workout and clean the house, I have a bad feeling both the house and my body are gonna start looking pretty gross... anyone reading yet?

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