Monday, February 7, 2011

Sooo... I guess I'm doing this.

I'm starting a blog. Not sure how this will work, or how long it will last for (I'm one of those people who say they will do something like this all the time and then...I don't). However, I am going to make an honest attempt to do this, because I think it will be a good outlet for me. Regardless of how many (if any!) people read this, I think it will be fun.

As for the name; I always joke that I need my own reality show, because honestly, my stuff is more amusing than half the reality shows out there, and I don't have to resort to multiple expletives or partial nudity (GO ME!). So this is my written reality show. You can decide for yourself whether it's show worthy... if your still reading :)

And a little about me:

I am a 24-year old middle school teacher. I married my high school sweetheart a year and a half ago and we have what is definitely the most spoiled little puppy in the world. We work opposite schedules (I'm days, he's nights) so I never see him. I love to read, dance and watch copious amounts of television.

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