Friday, March 25, 2011

Cat Huntin'

Come on, say it like a Mainah; Cat Huntin!

Disclaimer: No cats are ever hurt or in any type of danger though we may joke and threaten it!

We are some cat haters in this household (sorry to you cat people out there!) The majority of our feline disdain stems from the fact that hubby and I are both allergic. As in sneezy, wheezy, can't breathe or see allergic. Therefore we have always tried to keep a healthy distance from those discomfort-inducing creatures. We avoid visit relatives with cats, friends with cat hair on them and all physical contact when they are in the vicinity...

So yes, we avoid cats...  BUT, that can be hard to do when they keep coming in our yard! I get it, many cats are outdoor creatures and love to roam free. Guess what? Not my problem. I'm SOOOOOO tired of our neighbors' cats wondering, stalking, and pooping in my yard. I don't have a cat, therefore I should not be cleaning up cat turds all over my own yard. I also should not have to worry about my little Peanut eating said cat turd. Why is that cats are allowed to wonder free and do as they please? Why is it okay for them to crap in my yard, dig up my plants and annoy my dog? If my dog were to do those things in THEIR yard, it would be a whole big to-do! So I don't get it, why is it okay for cats and not dogs? Why must peanut be on a leash in order to roam the neighborhood but that cat can wonder free? It really makes no sense to me.

ANYWAYS.... back to my original topic, cat hunting :) No, we do not actually hunt cats (though at times it is tempting) but we do attempt to keep those pests out of our yard. How? you ask. Good question! We yell at them, throw rocks near them (not actually at them!) and try to make our yard an unpleasant experience for them. Alas, this is a generally unsuccessful endeavor as several particular cats seem to enjoy tormenting my poor Zoey more than they dislike rocks coming their way or an angry blonde screaming at them. 

Poor Zoey is going to have a heart attack over these dumb cats, she gets all guard dog on us while barking, whining, and shaking... I'm pretty sure if we let her, she would destroy those trespassers... hmmm... tempting... so please, cat owners out there, think about your neighbors when you let the cat out, is it fair to them to clean up after your pet? I feel that if I don't actually have a cat, I shouldn't have to clean up after a cat, and I don't say that just because I hate cats (even though I do), I say that because I hate cleaning up after someone else's pet!

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