Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Day 19/SOOOO Embarrassing!

Day 19- Nicknames you have; why do you have them

 I actually don't have much for nicknames...Obv I go my Mrs. M when I'm teaching, and Amanda when I'm not... but other than that...

I tried going by Mandi for a bit in high school, complete with dotting the i with a little heart, but that didn't last long partly because I never responded to the name and partly because I realized that Mandi with an I kinda sounded like a stripper name (no offense to anyone who goes by Mandi, it just didn't work for me!). 

My father-in-law called me Scamanda for awhile there... but he hasn't done that for some time now. Most people call me Manda, but I think that's more from laziness (three syllables is SOOO Much work!).

I guess that's the extent of it...my nickname is Manda because people are lazy :) 

In other news... I made a complete fool of myself today. Okay, if I'm being honest, I do that several times a day, but today I was REALLY embarrassed. 

What happened? You ask, oh nothing much, just faceplanted in front of my students today... yup, super awkward. My phone rang, and I jumped up to answer it, except my shoe was only half on so I twisted my foot around and landed on the floor. 

I gotta give my students credit though, only a few laughed and it was more of the "omg I don't know how to react to my teacher falling on her face so I guess I will laugh" type laugh rather than that "haha, serves that *&%#$ right, I'm so psyched I got to see her fall" type laugh. So kudos to them for that. One my kids tried to reassure me by telling me it wasn't THAT bad...but the rug burn on my elbow disagrees. :(

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