Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Dear Zoey

Dear Zoey,

Don't you know that chocolate is toxic to puppies? We don't deny you the addictive treat to be mean, we do it out of love for you and a desire for you to live to your 2nd birthday. Why, then, did I come downstairs to this: 

Not only was it hazardous to your health, but come on pup, those were Girl Scout cookies! At $3.50 a pop and only available once a year, those are precious not to be scarfed down in secret (well at least not by dogs).

I am sad, worried for your safety but most of all upset that I am down several Girl Scout cookies.


Your cookie-loving Momma

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  1. Thank you for your comment about little coco! Your Peanut is adorable! Coco has been worse latley, yesterday she peed in the floor right in front of us. And we had taken her out about 30 min before that... no reason for it.. and her shedding is out of control... we use the furminator brush, furminator shampoo, and put a suppliment in her food and its actually getting worse... I just cant take all of it.... especially the shedding....I mean when guests come over if they hold her they are covered in hair..our couch is covered in hair the floors... we need to just find her a good home!


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