Sunday, March 6, 2011

The end of an era

An era in my life has come to an end... 

I got new boots :)

Okay, yes, I that doesn't SOUND like a big deal... but to me it is.

Meet the L.L. Bean black boots:

Yes, they don't look like much now, but, they have managed about 10 years of Maine winters. 10 years in a state that has snow, ice, salt, and slush for a good 6-7 months of the year, is pretty impressive. Especially if you consider the fact that for those 10 years, these puppies were on my feet any day in which there was snow and/or ice on the ground. That means approximately 180 days a year X 10 years... holy monkeys that is 1,800 days of use! 

Now, I'll be honest, the past couple of years these boots have been in pretty sad shape. The insulation is almost nonexistent, the zippers broke (and thus I've been able to slide these things on and off, very useful for my lazy butt) and I'm pretty sure they've smelt like sweaty feet...

Why, you ask, did I not replace these earlier? Two words: lazy and cheap. I am both of those . Lazy in 2 senses; finding new boots would take effort, besides they were perfectly beat up so I could slide them on and off with no effort or time. Cheap because, well, boots are expensive. Good, insulated, comfy boots that can stand up to Maine winters and my habit of dragging my feet costs money... so I've put it off, claiming that I would buy boots at the end of the winters, then the beginning of next winter, then... well it never happened

However, after our first 7 hour snowmobile ride in which I complained of numb toes and snow down my boots, the hubby decided enough was enough. He found me a great deal on these Cabela's beauties:

Originally $70, hubby found them for an amazing $33... this is why I love him; he took both the effort and expense out of getting new boots :) I didn't realize how bad my boots were until I slid my feet into these. WOW. They are super warm, fuzzy and comfy. 

The one drawback... laces :( Laces do NOT fit well into my slide-them-on-as-i-scramble-out-the-door lifestyle. I HATE tying laces, buckling straps and any other shoe accouterments that requires I bend over and fiddle with them. That is why I am a fan of ballet flats, pumps, back-less shoes and flip-flops; minimal effort! I know this makes no sense as I am perfectly willing to wear tops and hair accessories with more clips, buckles, and snaps than a typical child's carseat... but when it comes to my shoes, no dice. I wanna slide them on and go.

However, I seem to have fixed this problem while taking the puppy out last night. I have tied the laces loosely together. For the time being they are tight enough to keep the boot on, but loose enough so (with some wiggling) I can slide them on without touching them. In the words of Charlie Sheen; "uh...winning!"

Oh, and Drew wanted me to mention his ice-fishing traps he also got at Cabela's, originally $30, he got them for $15... he is super proud and I couldn't care less (love you hun!) 

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