Tuesday, March 29, 2011

FB Stalking

Some random thoughts on Facebook:

  1. I am a Facebook whore addict. Part of it is that I am SUPER nosy, and part is that it makes me feel like I have a lot of friends :)
  2. There are an amazing number of things that I would not know about my "friends" were it not for Facebook
  3. Said friends make my stalking of them SOOOOO easy by posting every intricate detail of their lives
  4. I have several "friends" who, when they pop up on my news feed, I can not for the life of me figure out how/why I know them... I delete them sometimes, but then I feel bad and think that I SHOULD know them 
  5. Facebook sucks away my time- which is why I can't fathom adding Twitter to my already overloaded Facebook/Blogger/E-mail/Edmodo/Shelfari-checking schedule, I'm just too busy doing nothing to add more nothing to my life! 


  1. I think I'm currently being facebook stalked. Someone's blog ahs a bizarre resemblance to mine, and while they're not a friend, they have a friend-of-friend like connection (and hatred) of me...

    Facebook is the devil.

    So while you know your friends better, people know you better too... and some of us are creeped out by stalkers.

    Facebook sucks... but it's soooo convenient. It's evil.

  2. Once for my birthday, four people whom I had no idea existed wish me a happy birthday.

    It was weird.


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