Monday, March 7, 2011

Viewers De-Lurk yourselves!

Okay, so apparently people are reading this... which is kinda creepy/exciting, but I find it weird that someone in Iran has been here, or Denmark... I mean, Spain I get (my brother-in-law is there), but the rest mystifies me. That and the 185 people from the U.S... how many of them do I personally know... how many creepers from my real life blog-stalk me and then don't say anything? I mean, I know the little sis and the hubby read regularly (part because I make them and part because they want to make sure I don't say anything TOO horrible about them) but other than that, no one else comments either in person or on the blog... so I'm curious... and intrigued... and a little flattered that someone out there is reading. So if you're a lurker, please de-lurk yourself. I wanna know who you are, even if you are a stranger I've never met, or a friend, or maybe someone who I haven't talked to for awhile but is still interested in knowing what I'm up to. So please, fess up and de-lurk :)


  1. Hey! I found you on 20sb "Remember that time we got more followers?"

    Just dropping by to say hi, welcome to the group and welcome to blogging! Hope you'll check me out at and hope to get to know you as you continue blogging.

  2. Hi! found you on 20sb!

    Enjoyed your blog be sure to check mine out!


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