Sunday, April 24, 2011

Espana: Part 2

Old bull fighting arena that was turned into a mall
Brent waiting for the trian
On Sunday of our vacation (which happened to be Palm Sunday) we headed out of the city and took an hour long train ride to Montserrat which is this gorgeous mountain range. To get there from Barcelona you take a 1 hour train, get off that train, then get on another train which takes you about three-fourths of the way up the mountain to the area where the cathedral, monastery and some small shops/restaurants are located.

Part-way up Montserrat
View from the train

The view from here was breath-taking. You can see for miles. We explored for a little there, took some pictures and then decided to take the monorail up even higher. Now let me tell you, this thing was a little sketchy. It basically went straight up the side
The monorail up the mountain
of the mountain. However, it was totally worth it. There was a hour-and-a-half hiking trail that would allow you to sit atop the very top of the mountain, but we didn't have time to hike it before the last train of the night left (and we did not want to be stuck for the night in some random time). I think the coolest thing about Montserrat was that there were not fences or gates up. Around here anytime you go to a national park or hiking there are ugly fences that block part of your view. In Spain they figure if you're old enough to go there, you're old enough to keep yourself safe. My father-in-law says that it's because people over there are not as sue-crazy as we are in the U.S. so places like that don't have to cover their butts so much.

The next day we visited the city of Girona. This was one of the old cities built of stone and stairs. It was really cool to see all the old buildings and beautiful archetecture. THe crazy thing was that the roads there were about the width of my driveway, with homes and shops on either side yet cars went flying down them. I seriously had to look over my shoulder every 5 seconds to make sure I would be out of the way! We explored the city, climbed up the wall, and had lunch. It was beautiful that day, around 70 degrees (yes, those of you for whom 70 is chilly may laugh, but for me that's summer weather!) and sunny. 

The streets of Girona

On Brent's last day (he left to go to Florence and Greece and a cruise... so jealous!) we went on the cable car that went over the city. We had to wait in line for about 2 hours (which felt like 4) before we were able to take the elevator up, and another 1/2 hour waiting up there for our turn on the car. It was really cool to be able to see the entire city, especially when I saw just how much higher the Sagrada Familia was than the rest of the city.

Barcelona cable car

Overlooking the city
Columbus statue (he actually is pointing away from America but towards the ocean)

The city
View from the cable car
 The day after Brent left, we decided to go to the Picasso museum. Now, prior to this I didn't know much about Picasso except that he went nutso towards the end of his life and had some pretty sketchy paintings. However I had no idea just how crazy his work became in later life. His early work was quite pretty and very well done... as we walked through the halls and progressed through his life it just got weird, I really didn't enjoy it and I don't understand what the appeal is...maybe I'm just lacking artistic vision...

Anyways, I've spared you some of the more boring details of our trip, but it was an amazing, beautiful place to go. It was my first time in Europe and I couldn't have asked for a better vacation! I was sad to leave, but psyched to get back and see my little puppy. We have had her back for 2 days now and she is just not the same. She is exhausted and I think she might be sick :( Hopefully it is just exhaustion from playing with her puppy friends all week... I think she may also have an upset stomach from all the butter/cheese/bacon fat that Drew's grandmother undoubtedly fed her last week. Hopefully she will perk up tomorrow, otherwise we are hitting up the vet! 

On a sad note, I have to go back to work tomorrow :( While I love my kids and my job (most of the time) I am sad to see my vacation gone. However, it is crazy to realize that there are only 2 months left of this school year... wow has it gone by fast! 


  1. 1. I'm sure Zoey is just exhausted. Bruin just got home from a day of playing with both cats and dogs and he is dead on the couch.
    2. I am suuuppper sad to be going back to school tomorrow too.
    3. Am I the only one panicking about the fact that we only have 8 weeks left of school and 98239482739 things left to teach????

  2. Aww I hate when vacation's over!! :( But that looks like the best trip ever!! Those last pics with the views of the city are amazing!!


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