Friday, April 22, 2011

First Award!

As I mentioned in yesterday's post, I received my first blog award! 
The lovely Jessica Renee at You Are My Color gave me this: 
 Now I don't know if I'm actually stylish, but I love that she thought of me for this award. Therefore in continuing this award I am supposed to award this to 5 blogs that I read and share 7 things about myself, here goes:

I'm passing this award on to some lovely ladies:
  1. Neely at A Complete Waste of Makeup
  2. CMae at Live What You Love
  3. Stacie at "Well-Behaved Women Rarely Make History"
  4. Abigail at Saved By the Bell: The College Years
  5. Katie at Loves of Live
7 Facts about myself:
  1. The English teacher in me cringes with people use improper grammar such as "Drew and Me went to Spain"... Drives me bonkers, even when I don't know the person doing it, I desperately want to correct them
  2. My husband is my best friend and though it sometimes makes me sad that I don't have a female BFF, I wouldn't trade him for the world
  3. I watch reruns of Boy Meets World (everyday), partly because it's hilarious and partly because it brings me back to my childhood
  4. I'm a total Facebook stalker... if they ever let people see who views their profiles, I'm screwed
  5. If I could, I would read all day every day. No joke, I love me some books and I feel like I never get the chance to read all the books I want to read (I no joke have a stack of books waist-high in our "office" of books I am trying to find time to read)
  6. I am my own worst critic... even when I receive praise I find things wrong with my looks, my personality, my teaching, my accomplishments, my relationships... you name it, I can find things wrong with it. I know that makes me a negative-Nelly and that it completely tears apart my self-esteem... but I just can't stop myself.
  7. The fact that I have 13 followers both amazes and humbles me... that 13 people find what I say interesting enough to read on a daily basis floors me... that I know there are more readers out there that follow me (hello, I stalk my stats too!) is incredible but also makes me curious about who is out there reading me on their own... hello, don't you wanna be my friend???


  1. Yay you did it!! :D

    #2 is EXACTLY me - I think about that all the time!
    oh yeah and I do #4 constantly!! lol

    Have an awesome weekend, girly :D


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