Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Peanut Here!

Hi all, it's me, Zoey

I know, you've been wondering when I would guest blog. Well, Mama and Daddy are in Spain right now, and THEY LEFT ME HERE, "Lame Mom, not Lamb!" (can anyone besides my Mommy and Auntie Abby name what movie that quote is from?)

Anywho, here I am with my BFF Bailey and my great-grandparents pup, Kate (would that make her my great aunt?...hmmmm) We are legit in the middle of nowhere, Maine. I mean like more deer than people, middle of the woods-type deal. I LOVE IT. Gram M feeds me cheese, bacon, and puts butter on everything... I'm gonna return to Mama one fat pup.

Sure, I guess I miss Mama... I mean she does that whole feeding, cuddling, loving thing for me, which is pretty nice, but I'm kinda pissed that she ditched. She better bring me back a GOOD present or I'm gonna be leaving her some presents of my own!

On the plus side, I've totally gotten into my yoga practice this week, I'm a pro at downward dog, not bragging, just saying.

As my final gift to you lovely blog readers, I give you this gem that Mama filmed last week... aren't I a viscous little pup... aren't you scared?(please excuse Mama's funny sounding voice... she doesn't really sound that creepy!)

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