Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Tail Wagging Tuesday

It's funny, I had a horrific day at work today, I mean sobbing,devastated,miserable day at work today (once I have had time to process, I may blog about it, but it's too soon right now)...

BUT, Then the lovely  C Mae at Live What You Love started this, and I felt a little better:

And today's topic is your favorite picture of your pet. Which just happens to be this beauty:
This is our first mommy-puppy pic. This was taken on the ride home from middleofnowhere, Maine where we got our little baby. She decided that behind my back was the best place for her to ride, so she climbed (more like clawed) up my front until she could settle into this little nest...10 minutes later... she puked all over my car...hm... speaking of which, we sold that car... not sure if we ever really cleaned the puke out...oopsies!


  1. I'm sorry to hear about your bad day! I'm sure that adorable baby girl of yours will cheer you up :)

  2. I simply adore this picture and am sorry that you had a bad day ... I teach too, so I understand school bad days ... good luck and just take a nap with this sweetie, that always helps me!

  3. Thats adorable!!

    I hope your holding up okay with your bad day, but if you need to talk/vent drop me an email ;)

  4. Aww that's adorable! What a sweet picture!


  5. My dachshund does the same exact thing in the car!

  6. great photo!!! :) THanks so much for linking up! -C Mae

  7. It's amazing how a favorite memory or a blog meme can change a day. I've had a few times where I've been "saved" from my terrible day by responding to a meme that encourages happy memories.

    Have a great Sunday! I'm stopping by from Fun Posts.

  8. Visiting from for the love of blogs fun post. Cute picture of your and your pup.


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