Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Tail Wagging Tuesday

Yup, it's Tail Wagging Tuesday again... Link up here with CMae

 This week's topic is to post your dogs bed, or where they sleep.

This is Zo's official bed, yep... loaded with toys. This is where she chills sometimes and she tends to drag it into the kitchen when we are making dinner. That may be her official bed, however we all know were Peanut really sleeps. That's right in bed with us :) Zoey usually sleeps either on my legs, on my stomach... or right smack in between us. We may live to regret this... eh, who am I kidding, we love it. Actually I'm at the point now where I struggle to sleep when she isn't curled up on/beside me.

Now, please excuse her appearance in these pictures... poor little Peanut got her hair cut today and they went a little short. Poor pup is pretty much naked. She's embarrassed but I promised her my blog friends would still love her. She's also freezing. Hello, naked dog and 40 degree weather don't really go together... we may have to pull out her sweater for the next couple of weeks!


  1. She is so cute. I love her all curled up in her bed with her toys!

  2. She is SO freaking cute!! I love that she drags her bed to be near y'all :)

  3. Hehe, she is adorable. Nood has a bed in the kitchen because I think if he didn't he would definitely be dragging it in there. :)

  4. THank you so much for linking up!! I'm sorry I am a day late commenting, I was totally not near my computer at all yesterday!


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