Monday, April 11, 2011

Weekend Recap

What did I do this weekend? Why I'm so glad you asked!

4:30 am... about to crash
Friday: If you saw my Saturday Morning post, you know I was at Relay for Life with my little sis. It was a crazy fun night. First off, I almost mooned her roommate (oops!). I had been on the phone with Abby who said she was home alone. By the time I made it up there (it was a 2 hour drive after downing an iced tea before leaving, yeah, not my brightest idea) so since I thought she was home alone and I really had to pee I scooted into the bathroom and pulled down my pants (no shame, we shared a bathroom for about 18 years there) and she suddenly slammed the door on me, luckily the roomie was in her room so she didn't have to see my pale, wide, butt! 

The note
We invited Abby's roommate to have dinner with us via paper airplane note (yup, we're cool like that) then we packed up and headed to the fitness center for Relay. From 9pm to 5am we did cool stuff like eat cotton candy, walk 11 miles, participate in 2am Zumba (we were 2 of the few people who completed the whole hour of it) created luminaries for people we know who are affected by cancer, and unfortunately crashed half an hour and 5 miles away from our (admittedly lofty) goal.
$.50 cotton candy, yep, we were psyched!

Drew and Lexi
Saturday: Slept until 1pm for the first time since bar nights in college. Drove 2 hours home just in time to have dinner with my parents and little bro. Drew proceeded to torture their dog (she loved it!)

This is what the pool looked like! EW
Sunday: We have this nasty shell of a pool that was left behind by previous owners. We had discussed fixing it versus scrapping it and decieded that it wasn't going to be worth the tremendous work it would entail, so Drew put it on Craigs List. No joke, within 20 minutes about 30 people had responded to the ad. So last night a couple that lives nearby worked with Drew to tear it apart and load it in their truck. They actually came by just a little while ago to get the last couple of pieces and (bonus!) they also took the old basketball hoop we had lying in the back yard! Our house officially does not look like a trailer park!!!!

That was my super exciting weekend... now I'm tired and in need of some food! 

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  1. That's awesome about the pool!! And I'm sure Lexi loved every minute of Drew's attention.


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