Thursday, April 28, 2011

Well THAT backfired...

The reason I started blogging in the first place was so I could right whatever the hell I want, say what I think, and just write.

Yup, that's gone.

Now right off the bat I knew I would have to censor myself somewhat. I mean, did you hear about the teacher from Pennsylvania who lost her job because of her blog? Yeah, I knew I wouldn't be able to comment much about my job, or cite specific students, but I was fine with that, If they're bugging me I can just complain to the hubby or friends. That was no problem. I also knew that I would need to monitor my language, which I'm totally cool with since I don't enjoy reading blogs with f-bombs thrown about and more obscene language than your typical college bar...


I didn't expect so many people I know to be reading this. Yes, I realize that statement sounds funny. However, I started blogging for me. To get my thoughts out. To rant about my family/friends/people who come in close proximity. Those first couple of months I was enamored with my anonymity. Sure, I posted pictures, but since no one knew who I was, it didn't matter. Alas, apparently it was not meant to be. Now all of a sudden friends, family, random people I knew way back when, and people I somewhat know are reading and following my blog (yeah, you know who you are! Even you who reads without following... it's kinda obvious when you make comments about things on the blog or, even better, use pieces of my blog for your own blog/facebook, yeah, you're not fooling anyone)

So now I'm in a pickle... do I keep blogging and say screw it to the people in my real life who may be upset or offended? Do I watch what I say and lose that freedom I've experienced from blogging? 

Those of you who have been blogging for awhile, do your friends/family know? Do they read? If so... how do you balance that?


  1. Ugh that's so frustrating! I'm sorry. So who's reading? A coworker or a relative?

    My fiance is the ONLY one who knows about my blog and I'm always worried my friends/family will find it and start secretly reading. I'm not ashamed, I just think it's more fun to write without worrying about them reading and making comments in real life. Plus my closest family/friends all live nearby so it's not like they need to read to keep up with my life :p

  2. I just tell the people who read my blog that know me in person that what is on the blog stays on the blog and if they dont like it, then dont read it!! This is YOUR outlet, with YOUR opinions!

  3. I agree with Ashley. If people don't like what you write on the blog, then they don't have to read it. And I mean, yeah you might now have to think about, "whoops what if so and so is reading" before you post something, but I can't imagine you ever putting anything on your blog that is truly hurtful to anyone whether you knew they were reading or not.
    Also, from my perspective, you've usually always been a pretty straightforward and honest person in person. I feel like your blog posts have been a direct reflection of who you are and a lot of stuff you would say outloud. ( I totally hear your voice when I read it.) So people shouldn't delude themselves into thinking that this is stuff you wouldn't say in person. If they don't like what you say on here, then maybe they're not worth it to worry about in real life?


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