Wednesday, April 27, 2011

What I'm Loving Wednesday

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What am I loving this wonderful Wednesday?

  • My sweet puppy who is extra cuddly this week. Who cares if the cuddliness is due to the recent hair cut that has left her naked and cold?
  • A student who told me I am the best thing that could have happened to him in middle school, man that melted my heart of stone!
  • My BFF C who is going through a tough time, yet still manages to smile and be an amazing teacher... she really inspires me!
  • To Jessica Renee at You are My Color... she is by far my fav follower. This girl always has a comment to make me smile. Whether she's offering support, compliments, or my first blog award, this girl is amazing! 
  • And of course I'm loving the hubs, who is (even while obnoxiously obsessing over motorcycles) the most amazing man ever!
What are you loving this Wednesday? 


  1. You and Elizabeth are RIDICULOUS!!! That seriously means a lot to me. Ever since I found your blog, I felt like you and I could be real life friends so the comments I leave come naturally and are totally genuine! :) You totally melted my heart of stone by saying all that. lol! You're the best, girly! :)

  2. What awesome things you are loving today! Hope you had a great Wednesday!


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