Monday, May 16, 2011

Lazy Day

This song is totally how I feel right now. There is something about being told your "let go" that makes you want to let go. I haven't worked out since Wednesday, all I want to do is eat junk... and I really don't care. No this is not some full-blown depression or downward spiral... This is just me taking some time to process, mope, and plan. I swear I will  get over this and get back into my healthier habits. I in no way want to regain all the weight I worked so hard to lose last year, and I have in no way given up. But I am calling this week my mourning period. I promise that at 3pm Wednesday, which will be exactly 1 week since "that meeting", I will have moved on, be remotivated, and ready to go. So bear with me for the next 1 day 20 hours and 54 minutes. This is the tail-end of my funk.

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