Monday, May 2, 2011

Puppy Crack

Zoey is addicted... to chocolate. It's like puppy crack for her.

It all started a few months ago when Zoey got a hold of some Girl Scout Cookies. Now, this was totally my bad, I admit to it. I left the cookies on the couch when I jumped in the shower, and I came back to this: 

We freaked out for awhile and watched her like hawks to make sure she didn't get sick. Well, that taste turned into a chocolate obsession for our little pup. Anytime we have anything chocolate in them her little puppy nose goes nuts

Case in point, a few weeks after the Girl Scout incident, Drew had some peanut butter cups on the the end table in the living room. Now, keep in mind Zo is all of about a foot tall, and our end table is at least 3 feet tall. No idea how she did it, but Zo ended up eating a couple (we're not entirely sure how many) peanut butter cups... foil and all.

Out most recent puppy-crack incident? Yeah, that occurred today. Zoey and I were in the bedroom together. I was putting away laundry, she was steadily licking her no-nos. After about 20 minutes I go to check on her and discover this:

Apparently Drew left the bar of chocolate we bought for friends of ours when we were in Spain. He claims it was on the ironing board, but short of Zo scampering 4 feet up the ironing board, I'm sticking with it was was on the floor. Let me tell you, pup was pissed when I took that away from her, and she proceeded to sulk for about an hour after I took it away. So Amy and Brian, if you're reading this, we really did buy you chocolate in Spain... and if you don't mind some puppy drool, than it's all yours!

And now, a message from Drew:

Drew says "gimmmmeee, gimmmmmeee,gimme now: I pick things up and put them down."

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