Thursday, May 26, 2011

Who are you and what did you do with my husband?

I've been one of the lucky ones for the past 8 and a half years... my husband doesn't watch sports. He has never cared about watching the World Series, the Final Four, the Superbowl or any sports event of varying significance. 

Oh how I have loved it... don't get me wrong, I'm all for a good sports game when I actually know the people playing... or even one person that plays. I loved watching Drew play hockey in high school, I even enjoyed basketball games in college (though I liked those mostly because my dance team performed at half time)... but I have never enjoyed sports on tv.. and for as long as I have known him, neither has Drew

Well what the hell happened? All of a sudden the Bruins are in some important game...oh, the tv just told me that it's the Stanley Cup... that's right... the tv is on a hockey game {cue gagging, shrugging, exasperated sigh} 

Even worse? He's totally doing that macho yell when they score, yell when there's a bad call, excited sports fan thing

{sigh} I miss my much longer is this thing on for...? I hope my old husband returns soon, I'm not liking this new guy :( 

Oh, P.S. today is our 1year 11month wedding anniversary/8 year 7month dating anniversary... is it sad that I count both? (It's easy since our dating/engagement/wedding anniversaries are all on the 26th) Meh, how many people can say at 24 that they've been with their significant other almost a decade... hell, these days, how many people are ever able to say that? I plan to acknowledge all celebrations of our relationships longevity...simply cause I can :) 


  1. Happy Anniversaries!! :D

    I hope your "normal" hubby returns, I know how tough the sports watching is. Unfortunately my fiance is a DIEHARD football and basketball fan so I will never get away from it!!

  2. I'm lucky in that sense bf does not like sports at all. I have to drag him to a Sox game! It's nice to watch the game sometimes and throw back some beers, but I can't stand when people are legitimately obsessed and can't be bothered when sports are on. It's just a game!

  3. ugh! My husband used to be the same way... I watched the Ohio State Buckeyes because thats the way I was raised... but now he's watching anything and everything.. even GOLF!!! Talk about GAG!!! :)
    Happy anniversaries!!


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