Thursday, June 30, 2011

Poor Zoey & Why I need a GPS

Two completely unrelated topics today, but they both happened today, so I guess they're kinda related.

First off, Poor Zoey!

Peanut and I headed out for our morning walk today. We were just strolling past the next-door neighbor's house when their boxer came charging down the driveway at use. Zoey panicked and started clawing at my leg for me to pick her up. I was trying to pick her up back she was shaking and the boxer was at my legs growling at me, so I'm pretty sure I half hung Zoey as I frantically tried to get her in my arms. Abandoning our walk, I quickly headed back home while yelling at the dog to "go home" and "go away"... but she still kept following us while growling viciously and jumping up towards my arms (as I now had Zoey cradled in my arms). Once I got home, I slammed the door on the dog, cause he tried to follow me in the house! Zoey and I both then went to the bay window to see if the dog was still there, and I noticed my neighbor was on his back porch smoking... um WHAT?!?!?! Are you freaking kidding me?!?! He heard/watched this go down and did absolutely nothing? What kind of loser do you have to be to not do a freaking thing while your dog freaks out on your neighbor and her 9 lb dog. Seriously? To top it off, Zo is no afraid to go near their house. On our afternoon walk she crossed the street and proceeded to slink by the house with her tail between her legs. My poor dog :( 

Okay, now that I've ranted about my no-good neighbor and his equally no-good dog, it is time for my other topic of the day: Why I need a GPS

I get lost. Plain and simple. I have no sense of direction and have some serious lack of direction-following abilities. Today was just one of a thousand times in my life in which I have gotten myself completely lost, frustrated, and a little scared.

Today I was taking the kids to a local fort on the ocean. Great place, been there a hundred times... but I've never driven there. When I was younger I went with school, my parents or friends. Since then I have gone every year with the summer camp I used to work at. Well, today I had to get myself there. To make it easier, I mapquested it, found the shortest route from the kid's house and wrote down the directions. It seemed simple enough. It was a 24 minute trip, most of which was through areas I am very familiar with. What actually happened? Well, after an hour and 5 minutes, 3 frantic phone calls to Drew, turning around 4 times, ending up on the highway going north, then ending up back on the highway to go south to get closer to where I wanted to be, and stopping at a state park to ask the park ranger how to get there... we finally made it... and had a great time. 

It. Was. Pathetic. The kids were even laughing at me, and I was close to tears. I hate feeling lost, and out of control... yet every time I am lost, I feel this way... and I may or may not get lost every single time I go somewhere new.

My birthday is in September, anyone wanna buy me a GPS?  

A peek inside my head

It's messy in here, my head I mean, my house actually looks pretty good right now. I have a lot of randomness that I'm about to spew, so feel free to skim, or skip all together. 

I held a 6-week-old baby yesterday... pretty sure my uterus skipped a beat there. (sorry if that's TMI). If it weren't for the whole not having a job, hubby not being ready, and only being 24-thing, I would totally be popping them out right about now. I desperately want one...{sigh}

Tuesday I got myself yet another sunburn... it's pathetic. Not gonna lie, I loaded up on the SPF... except for my back, where I swiped my hand around then swore that I would have one of the kids apply more when we got to the beach... and then I forgot.. so not only is my back beet-red, it's also splotchy and uneven... oh-so-attractive 

I feel... healthy. It's been almost 2 months since I joined the gym, and I've been going about 6 days a week in that time. I haven't lost any lbs, but I have noticed a change muscle tone, as in I actually have some. Better than the physical changes though, is the way I feel. I feel healthy and strong. I'm actually enjoying  my workouts and I don't feel good when I don't workout. Tuesday I skipped going because I was tired and feeling lazy, and I had a brand-new sunburn... but it wasn't worth it. I felt like crap all night and really antsy, like my muscles needed to move. Last night? I amped it up by hitting up bootcamp AND Zumba classes. Holy monkeys it felt amazingly awful. I'm sore and tired, but I'm also feeling unstoppable. Never in my life have I actually enjoyed exercising like I do right now, even when I was dancing 6 days a week I didn't feel this accomplished or strong. 

I realize that this post is getting long, therefore I will stop my random ranting for now.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

What I'm Loving Wednesday

I have more "love"  than "so what's" this week, so I'm linking up with Jamie.

This week I am loving:

  • Drew (cause he said I needed to include him)
  • But in reality I'm loving that Drew and I made it to 2 years of marriage as of Sunday... and we're both still kicking.
  • My summer job, yeah it may be more hours than ideal (by that I mean that I'm working summers at all, isn't that supposed to be a major perk of teaching, summers off?) BUT it is a cake job for the most part. I have spent about 1/3 of my "work" hours reading. We have been to the beach, mini-golfing, and Jokers so far. We've also got a calendar of our "plans" for the summer... they are sweet and include a lot of fun outings (fun for both me and the kids, score!)
  • I have next Monday... and the next Monday off... hello 3-day weekends.
  • The thing I'm loving most this week? A friend whom I had written off... who had apparently no interest in me for the last 4 months... called me the other day. Is our relationship back on track? Of course not. She's hurt me a lot by her lack of giving a damn. But she made an effort, which I know is hard for her, so I'm loving a chance to rebuild a friendship that has been really important to me for the past 6 years.

Monday, June 27, 2011

Heather's Giveaway

Heather at Blonde Undercover Blonde is hosting a Kindle giveaway this week.... I want it!!! I've been playing with my Mom's Kindle lately, and I REALLY want one. I am a major book addict and love the idea of having multiple books at my finger tips. Now, I am blogging about this to get an entry in the giveaway. AND I am telling you that I think Heather's blog is adorable... BUT, I don't want my readers to enter, cause I want to win. So if you love me in any way shape or form you will visit Heather's blog, but not enter the giveaway.


How I can always be running around, but never get anything done...

I have this habit, that drives my husband nuts, but I don't know how to quit...

I am... lazy

Okay, maybe lazy isn't the right word... more like procrastinatingly unmotivated/easily distracted. I have all the right intentions. And I mean to be productive, it just doesn't always happen.

Case in point: Yesterday

Drew went fishing around 5am (::shudder::) my plan was to get up around 8, eat breakfast, hit up the gym for 2 hours, come home and pick up a little before Drew got home around noon. My actuality? Got up at 8, took Zo for a walk, checked blogger... and then realized it was 10:45. FAIL. I still hit up the gym, but only for like an hour. By the time I got home Drew was home, had picked up the kitchen (did I mention how much I love him?) and had flowers for me (it being our anniversary and all, he's sweet like that) 

Ok, so maybe to you this doesn't sound like a big deal. However, this happens every. single. day... no joke. I have these things I want/need to get done. I waste countless hours/minutes on things like blogger, Facebook, mindless tv shows, google (hey you can learn some cool shizz on google), cityville, and netflix. 

Before I know it I have 20 minutes until I leave to go somewhere, I'm not dressed and the house is still a mess... but I meant to clean. I meant to do laundry, I meant to finish that job application, I meant to do 100 things... but somehow time got away from me. 

I'm just as bad at school too. I have all these grand plans to get caught up on grading, plan a unit, or organized my curriculum materials, but I somehow end up chilling in Cara's room or visiting friends in other parts of the building... granted this won't be (as much of) an issue next year since I won't be with my friends, but I'm sure I will fine new teachers nearby who can help me waste my prep periods.

The overall worst thing about this habit? It stresses me out. Because all those things I shoulda, coulda, woulda done... still have to get done. Which means I am constantly running around, frantically trying to get things done at the last minute and lamenting my lack of time. I don't lack time... I've got that in stores, I just can't manage to be productive unless I'm under the gun.

I do have a way to end this habit, in fact I've done it before... my solution? Overload my schedule. When I go from A to B to C and don't have down time, I am amazingly productive. The years when I was teaching 6:30-2:45 and then working aftercare from 2:45-6, I was disgustingly productive because I had to be. In college when I had classes all day, tours to give, admissions club work AND dance practice, it was amazing how I ran around all day, got my work done and pulled out straight A's. Again because I had to. Those things are all great and I love the feeling of being so on top of things... but it is exhausting, and draining, and make me feel overwhelmed. Not something I want to voluntarily take on again. 

There's really no winning... 

Sunday, June 26, 2011

On this Day

On this day...



Happy 2nd Anniversary to my amazing husband. I don't know what I would do without you, but let's be honest... it wouldn't be pretty.

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Saturday Morning Scene

It's Saturday morning, which means I'm linking up with Katie from Loves of Life 

My morning?

It's raining... again, 3rd day in a row!
Zoey helped me eat my cereal

Then she and Daddy played with foxy

Erica and I went to Zumba together

Awesome morning so far... and? Tomorrow is our wedding anniversary, I have a post planned :) 

Friday, June 24, 2011

What the Friday?

So KSK at The Real Housewife of H20Ville has started a link-up called WTF: What the Friday. Apparently her husband (whom she calls "Jerk-Face", which I absolutely love) came up with the name. 

So, here is my What The Friday

  • I started my nannying job on Wednesday, with 9-year old Miss Mo and 5-year old G-man. Now, I loves them, really I do. But Wednesday and Thursday? G-man was a PILL. He threw fits, cried, smacked me on the head with a plastic sword, called his sister a "dingle-berry", and pinched... A LOT. Today? An angel. Polite, sweet, caring. Shared his Joker's tokens with his "sissy" when she ran out and told me I was amazing for getting him a cookie after lunch
Not that I'm complaining... but What the Friday?

  • Late last night some car came cruising down our street blasting loud, bass-pumping music... and honked their horn every few feet
This one I'm complaining about... What the Friday??

Okay, so this is all I can think about for now, but this could be a really fun link-up if I have a whole week to collect WTF's.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Oh hi summer...

Oh, summer, I was so kind to you. I've talked you up, anticipated your arrival and marveled at the wonder that is you... and this is how you repay me:

How rude! 

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

So What Wednesday

I'm linking up again with Life After I "Dew" for So What Wednesday. 

This week I am saying "so what" if: 

I'm more upset about losing my school laptop than I am about really being done school. Hello, Facebook takes forever to load on this piece of crap wonderful laptop my husband has

I get really annoyed when people ask what I'm doing since I have the whole summer off. Um, not so much when you've got a full time summer job, but thanks for assuming I'm just gonna be a bum.

All I want to do all the time this week is sit and read books/watch mindless television, so sorry that I may actually be the bum I claimed I wasn't before.

The teenage cashier at Hannaford's told us we were "getting all the good stuff" as we checked out with pizza dough, gelato, a whoopie pie and a piece of cake, okay, so we're fatties, so what? 

What are you saying "so what?" to this week? 

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

More Letters (Because clearly, I'm disgruntled)

Dear rude secretary at the district I interviewed in,

Good morning, you may remember me, I'm the person you snapped at for wanting a little information. Indeed I understand that there were a lot of interviews, and I am oh-so sorry that many people in the office are at lunch, but, as the "face" of the district, you should probably check that attitude. All I wanted was to know who I could speak to, I'm sorry if answering questions is difficult for an administrative assistant, perhaps another line of work is on order.

Disgruntled, unemployed teacher who still has no answers

Dear skin,

I get that I'm super stressed. The whole not-having-a-job situation lends itself well to the exhausted, heart-palpitating stress feeling. However, did you really had to add insult to injury by breaking out on me? Really? That was necessary? I haven't broken out like this since middle school. So thanks a lot for leaving a stressed out 24-year old woman with the skin of a prepubescent grease ball.

With love,
Not in need of breakouts, Amanda 

Dear phlebotomist at the Dr.'s office,

I am really sorry that I started crying and acting like a big ol' baby. Blood freaks me out, my own freaks me out even more, and after the first attempt yielded nothing but multiple sticks and poking around, I got a little emotional. Thank you for bearing with me while we tried the other arm and ultimately got the blood you needed. A double thank you for distracting me by asking about Zoey, I appreciate your kindness and sensitivity.

The 24-year old baby from this morning

(see not all my letters are angry!) 

Dear Zoey,

While I understand that you were tired towards the end of our walk today, lying down halfway up the next-door neighbors driveway and refusing to move is not an appropriate solution to your problem. We were a mere 100 yards from our own house, it's not as though you couldn't make it that far, and your made your Mama look awfully silly carrying you down the street. In the future, please buck up and straggle the short distance home.

Your Mama, whose neighbors watched her carry you down the street today 

Monday, June 20, 2011


Dear school district I interviewed at,

Hi, you said you would call me by Friday. It is not Monday. If you don't understand the concept of days, then you should hire me, I can teach you. If you are trying to decide who needs to call me with the bad news, just draw straws. If you actually want to offer me a job, get on it!

A desperate teacher

Dear well-meaning people at school,

Please stop hinting that someone might be leaving and that I will indeed have a job next year. If you know something, spill. If you're just trying to make me feel better then shut up, you're not helping.

Your unemployed colleague who doesn't need false hope.

Dear creeper at the gym,

I get that you think you're hot, really I do, but please don't leer awkwardly at me while I'm dripping in sweat. 1) No interest 2) you're not my type 3) leering at anyone at the gym is just creepy

The sweaty blonde you're creeping out

Dear (former) students,

I get that you love me, and want to be my bff's, but please stop friending me on Facebook, as I do currently hold a valid teaching contract in your district and therefore can't be your "friend".

Your (former) teacher

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Saturday Morning Scene

Link up with Katie

Puppy cuddle puddle :) She's soft, cuddly, and smells like puppy. Don't ask me what puppy smells like, I could never describe it, but it is the most comforting smell in the world.

Friday, June 17, 2011

Blown Away

Anyone who knows me, knows that I am rarely speechless... but today? Today I was floored, speechless and blown away by my students. Its is both empowering and humbling to see how deeply they care for me, and how much I have impacted their lives. Today was our last day of school... I laughed, I cried, I hugged, I yelled, and I realized just how meaningful my job is.

Here are some of the major highlights, obviously I can't write about all they said and did today, but here are the major ones that blew my socks off (I jest... I was wearing sandals)

- Two 6th grade girls made a slideshow of all the kids in my class and played it for me
-Three 8th graders surprised me at our team meeting with a GINORMOUS card that the entire team (thats 200 kids) had signed for me. Those 200 kids, then stood and cheered for me.
-48 kids planned a "surprise" (hello, I notice when 48 kids "sneak" into my room during lunch and the teacher across the hall won't let me in my room) party for me with the mentioned slide show, snacks AND speeches. I mean more than 20 kids stood up in front of their peers and sung my praises. How often in a persons life can they be told repeatedly how amazing they are? It was great
-Even better? When I went up to present my student of the month awards at our team meeting, 200 kids burst into applause, shouted that they loved me, and cheered for me.... how amazing is that?
-A 7th grader wrote in her yearbook that I have inspired her to be a teacher 
-More than 100 notes from students telling me how amazing I am, how I have impacted their lives, and how much they will miss me. 

the moment that made me cry:
An 8th grade boy got up in front of 48 of his peers and with tears in his eyes told me that I had changed his life and made him a better person. That moment? That was the most amazing feeling. I had that kind of impact on a 13-year-old boy... THAT  much of an impact that he was unashamed to share it in front of his peers... I was floored... humbled... and amazed. 

Zoey needed to check out the swag
Oh, and on a lighter note... I got me some goods. Check out my stash, I was floored again by not only the generosity of my students and their families, but by the thought that went into those gifts. My kids really know me and care about me... it's a tremendous feeling. 

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Zoey wants!

So there is this little giveaway over at In Love With A Farm Boy (which is a SUPER cute blog) and she is giving away a doggie gift basket which Zoey is TOTALLY dying for. See the puppy eyes?

She wants it, bad! So please don't enter, Zo and I called dibs already.... but it you must check it out, go here.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

So What Wednesday

This week I am linking up with So What Wednesday over at Life After I Dew. No, I'm not giving up on What I'm Loving Wednesdays, but this is something different. And? It let's me laugh at myself rather than waiting for people to laugh at me. 

So this week I am saying, So what if...
  • At 8th grade graduation an older gentleman thought I was his grandson's girlfriend...rather than his teacher. Some day I will look back and miss the days I could pass for 13
  • Along those same lines, on yesterday's 8th grade trip to an amusement park? You guessed it, the bus driver wouldn't let me on because we needed to "wait for a grown-up to load the busses"... thanks dude
  • I went to the gym last Friday, even though my hip wasn't "better" yet... it felt good to burn some calories so I could have cake later.
  • I took a 3 hour nap on Saturday afternoon rather than cleaning the house (can you blame me?)
  • on that same Saturday I didn't shower until 10 hours after my Zumba class... yeah, I was that smelly kid all day long and I kinda liked it. 
  • Grades close at midnight tonight... and I still have 20 projects, 9 essays and   25 make-up assignments to grade... oh boy!
  • I've teared up about 30 times a day so far this week, hey, my whole life okay, just the career, but it feels like my whole life  has been turned upside down, pretty sure that justifies some tears here

    What are you saying "so what" to this week? Link up with Shannon to share! 

    Monday, June 13, 2011

    A good wife

    If you're reading this thinking you'll get all this advice on how to be a good wife, just stop now, cause this isn't that kind of post. Actually, this is that kind of post where I show all my readers just how much I fail at being a good wife.

    As out second wedding anniversary approaches, I am becoming reflectful (hmm.. weird how spell check says that's not a word, I'm just gonna assume spell check is wrong here) of all the ways in which my husband is the better spouse, and I am a failure. And just cause I like to share, here is a list of all my spousal shortcomings that I can think of at the moment.

    Cleaning: he does the majority of it... in fact, during the first year of marriage, I never cleaned the bathroom, in the year since that... it's happened like 4-5 times. Yes, I do all the dishes and pick up quite a bit, but it usually takes quite a bit of prodding or the threat of friends coming over and seeing my pit of a house.

    Cooking: Yeah, I don't cook. I can manage a packaged mac & cheese or a frozen pizza. Anything more involved than that leads to an epic fail. So Drew cooks, and I lounge on the couch or stand next to him grumbling assist

    Puppy-care: I love my puppy, really I do. But why the hell does she need to go out all the time? Especially when it is cold/raining/snowing/windy/really hot as it is prone to be at least one of those a day in Maine. Therefore I attempt to guilt Drew into taking her out as much as possible... he also may or may not (okay, he totally does) get up 10 minutes early everyday to take her for a walk. 

    Bill paying: Ha, haha... yeah... I don't even know the passwords to our online banking, or when the bills are due... or even which bills we have...

    House projects: In my defense on this one, I don't know how to do sheetrock, plumbing, electrical, trimwork or any of the other construction skills my darling husband acquired via 5 years of construction work... therefore I am relegated to a Vanna White-esq role of handing over tools and running to get materials that are in other parts of the house... and I would never whine and moan at this task... no never. 

    Taking out the trash: As I write, I am being lectured about this one... apparently one shouldn't add their chinese food box to the top of the trash when it is already above the trash can line...apparently when one notices that said trash is at the top of the can, one should bring it may or may not be lectured about this on a (at least) bi-weekly basis

    Filling up the tank: I tend to let my gas tank get as low as it can go and still move. It drives Drew nuts... mostly cause he always goes to drive it somewhere when it's on E, like the other night when we went to get Chinese food... we had to stop on the way to get gas... oops. 

    Yard Work: I'm an "inside" girl... unless I'm hiking, at the beach, or playing outside in which case I love the outdoors. Granted, I totally could mow the lawn as we have steal once a week from his parents a riding lawn mower. Can't tell if Drew doesn't trust me with it or just likes doing it, but he never wants me to mow, so I usually use that time to nap or cuddle with Zoey and then spend the last 5 minutes frantically cleaning so it looks like I was working the whole time... I think I have him fooled (Hi hun!)

    Being needy: I need kisses and cuddles, oh about all the time. I am very affectionate and the hubs? Eh, notsomuch...somehow I always get my way :) 

    The biggest wife fail? My one-track mind... when I get my heart set on something, I will obsess, whine, beg, question and badger him into the ground. Because, of course, the things I desperately want, just so happen to be thing things Drew wont or can't give me... and it makes me depressed, and therefore more obnoxious

    Why am I telling you all of this? Good question I'm not trying to get pity... nor to brag about my husband (though, hello, he's freaking amazingness). Actually... I was hoping my readers could offer me some insight as to why on earth my husband is still with me after more than 8 years of this shiz??? Honestly, as 1/2 of this equation... I just don't get it. I must be pretty hot stuff in order for him to deal with all of the above...hmmm, flattering. 

    Sunday, June 12, 2011

    He's a keeper

    I went to the gym tonight for an hour and a half... by the time I got home the hubby had cooked and amazing dinner and had it ready for me to eat. Then? While I finished eating, he mixed up brownies for my kids and stuck them in the oven.

    Yet another reason why he is a keeper. Tomorrow? I will explains all the ways in which I am not worthy... trust me, it's interesting. 

    Saturday, June 11, 2011

    I would NEVER do that!

    There is no way on earth that I would accidentally take a 3-hour nap on a Saturday afternoon after Drew and I swore to each other 1204394843 times that we were going to get something done on the house today... nope, that would have to be some other blonde in a pink tank top who also hasn't showered after Zumba class this morning...

    couldn't be me...

    Friday, June 10, 2011

    Interview Day!

    I'll admit it, I'm lame. I took the day off today to prepare for my interview...even thought it's not until 1.

    In my defense (I love that I'm being defensive on my own blog!) I am a nervous wreck! I've been freaking out for about, oh, 2 days for this thing and I knew I wouldn't be a good teacher if I went to school today. I also would have had to take at least half the day off anyway to make it for a 1 o'clock interview in another town.

    I digress. The point of this post is to explain how ready I am for today, not to apologize for taking a much needed personal day. 

    I am ready!

    The portfolio is updated, pretty-fied with pix and tabbed for easy access:

    The outfit is planned, ironed, and ready to go!

    The shoes (which I spent WAY too much money on, but hey, a girl's gotta have great new shoes for an interview) have had the stickers peeled off and a little bit of practice walking.

    The hair and make up are done:

    I'm dressed:

    and ready to go! (Zoey however, is not ready for Mama to leave her) 

    Wish me luck, I'm sure I will be back on tomorrow to post about how the interview goes and about my 8th graders graduation celebration tonight! (oh how quickly they grow up!

    Thursday, June 9, 2011

    Um.. hi? This week... where did you go?

    Where in all that is holy did this week go? I had all these things that I needed to get done this week and all of a sudden it is Thursday and I am in no way prepared! No joke, I just wrote my to-do list, and it's CRAZY.

    Sorry, not the best picture, but as you can see, the list is long... and the items on it are extensive and necessary. Worse? The majority of them HAVE to be done tonight. As in the 6 items on the list for my interview tomorrow... which I may or may not be fah-reaking out about right now.

    ...and there's a spider on the stairwell... I can't reach him, but he's gi-mongous ...I went to go take a picture for the blog, and he's gone. Which means somewhere in my house is a gi-mongous spider and most likely his entire gi-mongus family, just waiting to eat my face off... {sigh} 

    ...and! There are thunderstorms coming. Which don't freak me out on their own, except last summer, when there were thunderstorms one night when I was home alone, a tornado came... and Zoey and I had to hide out in the basement for a couple of hours while a tornado passed within two miles of my house... ever since then, when it gets stormy out, I get this anxious pit in my stomach that I can't reason away.

    In conclusion: I'm stressed, being hunted by a giant spider and threatened by ominous thunder clouds that most likely preclude a tornado, but no big deal, i'll be fine...  i hope 

    Wednesday, June 8, 2011

    What I'm Loving Wednesday

    Link up with Jamie

    I've gots some loving to spread around this week, so here goes:

    1. I'm loving my kids, whom I'm referring to as "my babies" lately. I've only got 7 more days with my babies and I am cherishing them like you would not believe.
    2. My babies are up to something... they have plans, and it tickles my cold, dead heart to know they are planning "surprises" for my last day with with them. You can feel the buzz and excitement as other teachers "need them to finish some work" or they scramble to hide something their working on at the end of the hall.
    3. I have an interview Friday. I'm half excited and half throwing up at the thought of it.
    4. My 8th grade babies graduate Friday... I'm gonna be a basket case, that's a given, but I've had these babies for two years now, and it's majorly exciting to see them graduate to the high school. 

    What are you loving this week? Link up and share :)  

    Tuesday, June 7, 2011


    Hey all! I'm Sarah and Amanda has been gracious enough to let me do a guest post for her. I hope you like it. :)

    I distinctly remember a few moments from my childhood. I remember when I got my first Harry Potter book, I remember when I fell off my bicycle and my knees bled for hours, I remember when I spent endless summer days at my neighborhood park as a child, the green grass tickling my toes. But one moment sticks out among all the rest: the moment when the I knew my first dog, Daisy, was home. You see, my mother and I picked out Daisy on a school night and my mom was going to pick her up at 11 the next morning. I distinctly remember watching the hands of the clock on my classroom wall slowly creeping towards 11 and when they finally reached their destination, I knew my Daisy was home.
    Daisy was a mutt. We got her for $20 from a nice old couple, who’s dog had got it on with the boy dog next store. She was a sweet girl from the very beginning: loving, loyal, and fiercely protective of her family. She was my best friend. Daisy was happy to see me every time I walked through my front door. She never judged or questioned me, she never said she was disappointed in anything that I did. As a dog, she was capable of doing the one thing that humans cannot do: love purely, unconditionally, and without restraint. I spent countless hours in my backyard training her to sit, lay-down, shake, and speak. (In retrospect, who really wants their dog to speak?) Daisy sat next to me on my bedroom floor and listened to me cry when no one else would, she sat next to me and listened to me talk when my words were to much for others to stand.
    After 14 ½ years, we put Daisy to sleep. It was one of the worst days of my life. Take what you felt after watching Marley & Me and combine it with what you imagine it feels like to be shot. It felt almost like that. Daisy’s kidneys had finally given out and we knew it was her time to go. I said my goodbyes to my puppy after I found her laying behind my garage, breathing heavily and clearly in pain. I literally lay down in the grass next to her and she listened to me cry for one last time. The next day, we took her to the vet and stayed with her to the very end. I took her purple collar off after she was gone and hung it over the rear-view mirror of my car. It’s still there today.
    They say that if you have one true friend in life, you should consider yourself blessed. I am so beyond blessed that Daisy was with me for over 14 years. The companionship and love a dog can provide is like nothing that you will ever experience. It’s a true testament to the fact that there is something bigger than all of us in this world and we should constantly be striving to find it.
    Every once in a while, I go to the memorial my dad set up for Daisy. It’s nothing special: just a rock with her name on it and a few daisies in our backyard. I think about how lucky I was to have her in my life and about how much she’s taught me. To this day and for the rest of my life, I know that she’s around somewhere. She’s not here anymore, but she did what I believe she was put on this earth to do: bring a little girl up to believe in life, love, compassion, and unconditional acceptance.

    For now,


    Sunday, June 5, 2011

    Sunday Workout Log

    This week's workouts:

    Monday: 20 minutes strength, 45 minutes on the arc trainer (I had never heard of this before but with my back and hip issues this thing has been a God-send... at some point I will have to do a whole post on this puppy)

    Tuesday: 20 minutes strength, 30 minutes on the arc trainer

    Wednesday: 1 hour Zumba

    Thursday: 1 hour boot camp, 30 minutes of yoga

    Friday: 45 minutes on the elliptical 

    Saturday: 1 hour Zumba

    Sunday: 30 minutes strength training, 45 minutes on the arc trainer

    Weight loss? Yeah right! I've only worked my ass off for 2 weeks now (longer if you count all the running and yoga I was doing before I joined the gym)... but Drew? Yeah he just "watches" what he eats and he lost three pounds this week... boys suck! 

    Silent Sunday

    Silent Sunday

    Saturday, June 4, 2011

    Saturday Morning Scene

    Link up with Katie at Loves of Life

    My morning so far?

     Despite a massive hangover, I ponied up and headed to the gym for my Saturday morning Zumba class... it was awesome, I was not, but I made it through and actually feel a lot better. 
     Then Zoey and I went for a walk. Which included a lot of running, stopping to look at things, chasing leaves, sniffing things, and trying to pick up stick that were bigger than she is.

    Friday, June 3, 2011

    Puppy Aunt and Uncle?

    As I walked into the house today, amid Zoey scrambling up my leg and begging to be held, I started talking to her. My exact words were:

     "Auntie Abby is coming over in a bit and we're all gonna go to Uncle Booger's lacrosse game, doesn't that sound like fun?"

    And then I wondered... do other people find it odd that I refer to my siblings as my dog's aunt and uncle? Do they find it even odder (is odder a word?) that Zo TOTALLY knew who I was talking about? 

    Thursday, June 2, 2011

    First Call!!!

    Got my first call for an interview today!!!! SOoooo excited :) It's an interview for several grade 3-5 positions about 20-30 from my house (depending on which school it is, there are a couple of elementary schools in the district and the interview is for all of them). I am so excited, especially since I only mailed my application on Tuesday. I'm really hopeful about this. The interview is next Friday, so I have a feeling I will be a nervous/excited/scared wreck for the next week while I prepare both myself and my interview portfolio.

    This is a good start

    Book Club Friday

    My weekly reading is severly lacking this week. It's been an exhausting week at work (read: middle school kids with 10 days left of school) and I've been busy with job applications (14 done this week to be exact). BUT I haven't completely neglected my books:

     Jennifer Weiner's Certain GirlsSo far so good. It's cute, it's sassy and it's light. Perfect for an overloaded week. Between my workouts and my work stress, this has been the perfect "20 minutes before bed" read.
    And yes, I'm still working on Grisham... I just got distracted for a bit. 
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