Friday, June 17, 2011

Blown Away

Anyone who knows me, knows that I am rarely speechless... but today? Today I was floored, speechless and blown away by my students. Its is both empowering and humbling to see how deeply they care for me, and how much I have impacted their lives. Today was our last day of school... I laughed, I cried, I hugged, I yelled, and I realized just how meaningful my job is.

Here are some of the major highlights, obviously I can't write about all they said and did today, but here are the major ones that blew my socks off (I jest... I was wearing sandals)

- Two 6th grade girls made a slideshow of all the kids in my class and played it for me
-Three 8th graders surprised me at our team meeting with a GINORMOUS card that the entire team (thats 200 kids) had signed for me. Those 200 kids, then stood and cheered for me.
-48 kids planned a "surprise" (hello, I notice when 48 kids "sneak" into my room during lunch and the teacher across the hall won't let me in my room) party for me with the mentioned slide show, snacks AND speeches. I mean more than 20 kids stood up in front of their peers and sung my praises. How often in a persons life can they be told repeatedly how amazing they are? It was great
-Even better? When I went up to present my student of the month awards at our team meeting, 200 kids burst into applause, shouted that they loved me, and cheered for me.... how amazing is that?
-A 7th grader wrote in her yearbook that I have inspired her to be a teacher 
-More than 100 notes from students telling me how amazing I am, how I have impacted their lives, and how much they will miss me. 

the moment that made me cry:
An 8th grade boy got up in front of 48 of his peers and with tears in his eyes told me that I had changed his life and made him a better person. That moment? That was the most amazing feeling. I had that kind of impact on a 13-year-old boy... THAT  much of an impact that he was unashamed to share it in front of his peers... I was floored... humbled... and amazed. 

Zoey needed to check out the swag
Oh, and on a lighter note... I got me some goods. Check out my stash, I was floored again by not only the generosity of my students and their families, but by the thought that went into those gifts. My kids really know me and care about me... it's a tremendous feeling. 


  1. That is so awesome! You must be a great teacher...I only have 2-3 I remember from when I was younger, but I'll remember them forever. I'm glad you had such a great day!

  2. Glad your last day with the kids was memorable. You'll have to keep us posted with the new job search. Sending happy thoughts your way!

  3. I actually got a few goosebumps reading this.. (maybe it's just cold in here?)
    That's is so wonderful to have made such an impact on their lives in a (clearly) positive way!
    We all need teachers like you...
    *My daughter will start school in 4-5 years.. where are you going to teach? ;)


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