Monday, June 27, 2011

How I can always be running around, but never get anything done...

I have this habit, that drives my husband nuts, but I don't know how to quit...

I am... lazy

Okay, maybe lazy isn't the right word... more like procrastinatingly unmotivated/easily distracted. I have all the right intentions. And I mean to be productive, it just doesn't always happen.

Case in point: Yesterday

Drew went fishing around 5am (::shudder::) my plan was to get up around 8, eat breakfast, hit up the gym for 2 hours, come home and pick up a little before Drew got home around noon. My actuality? Got up at 8, took Zo for a walk, checked blogger... and then realized it was 10:45. FAIL. I still hit up the gym, but only for like an hour. By the time I got home Drew was home, had picked up the kitchen (did I mention how much I love him?) and had flowers for me (it being our anniversary and all, he's sweet like that) 

Ok, so maybe to you this doesn't sound like a big deal. However, this happens every. single. day... no joke. I have these things I want/need to get done. I waste countless hours/minutes on things like blogger, Facebook, mindless tv shows, google (hey you can learn some cool shizz on google), cityville, and netflix. 

Before I know it I have 20 minutes until I leave to go somewhere, I'm not dressed and the house is still a mess... but I meant to clean. I meant to do laundry, I meant to finish that job application, I meant to do 100 things... but somehow time got away from me. 

I'm just as bad at school too. I have all these grand plans to get caught up on grading, plan a unit, or organized my curriculum materials, but I somehow end up chilling in Cara's room or visiting friends in other parts of the building... granted this won't be (as much of) an issue next year since I won't be with my friends, but I'm sure I will fine new teachers nearby who can help me waste my prep periods.

The overall worst thing about this habit? It stresses me out. Because all those things I shoulda, coulda, woulda done... still have to get done. Which means I am constantly running around, frantically trying to get things done at the last minute and lamenting my lack of time. I don't lack time... I've got that in stores, I just can't manage to be productive unless I'm under the gun.

I do have a way to end this habit, in fact I've done it before... my solution? Overload my schedule. When I go from A to B to C and don't have down time, I am amazingly productive. The years when I was teaching 6:30-2:45 and then working aftercare from 2:45-6, I was disgustingly productive because I had to be. In college when I had classes all day, tours to give, admissions club work AND dance practice, it was amazing how I ran around all day, got my work done and pulled out straight A's. Again because I had to. Those things are all great and I love the feeling of being so on top of things... but it is exhausting, and draining, and make me feel overwhelmed. Not something I want to voluntarily take on again. 

There's really no winning... 


  1. I'm a huge time waster too! It's SO easy to do!

  2. That is so funny, how did I miss this post?! We are definitely on that same procrastination team. I get stressed too but your solution is awesome! I think when I have nothing to do, I'm super lazy and dread doing the important stuff - but when I'm busy, I'm wanting to jump into another project.


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