Monday, June 20, 2011


Dear school district I interviewed at,

Hi, you said you would call me by Friday. It is not Monday. If you don't understand the concept of days, then you should hire me, I can teach you. If you are trying to decide who needs to call me with the bad news, just draw straws. If you actually want to offer me a job, get on it!

A desperate teacher

Dear well-meaning people at school,

Please stop hinting that someone might be leaving and that I will indeed have a job next year. If you know something, spill. If you're just trying to make me feel better then shut up, you're not helping.

Your unemployed colleague who doesn't need false hope.

Dear creeper at the gym,

I get that you think you're hot, really I do, but please don't leer awkwardly at me while I'm dripping in sweat. 1) No interest 2) you're not my type 3) leering at anyone at the gym is just creepy

The sweaty blonde you're creeping out

Dear (former) students,

I get that you love me, and want to be my bff's, but please stop friending me on Facebook, as I do currently hold a valid teaching contract in your district and therefore can't be your "friend".

Your (former) teacher

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  1. I hear you about the job interview. It bothers me when people tell you that they'll get back to you between a certain amount of time and then don't!


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