Thursday, June 30, 2011

A peek inside my head

It's messy in here, my head I mean, my house actually looks pretty good right now. I have a lot of randomness that I'm about to spew, so feel free to skim, or skip all together. 

I held a 6-week-old baby yesterday... pretty sure my uterus skipped a beat there. (sorry if that's TMI). If it weren't for the whole not having a job, hubby not being ready, and only being 24-thing, I would totally be popping them out right about now. I desperately want one...{sigh}

Tuesday I got myself yet another sunburn... it's pathetic. Not gonna lie, I loaded up on the SPF... except for my back, where I swiped my hand around then swore that I would have one of the kids apply more when we got to the beach... and then I forgot.. so not only is my back beet-red, it's also splotchy and uneven... oh-so-attractive 

I feel... healthy. It's been almost 2 months since I joined the gym, and I've been going about 6 days a week in that time. I haven't lost any lbs, but I have noticed a change muscle tone, as in I actually have some. Better than the physical changes though, is the way I feel. I feel healthy and strong. I'm actually enjoying  my workouts and I don't feel good when I don't workout. Tuesday I skipped going because I was tired and feeling lazy, and I had a brand-new sunburn... but it wasn't worth it. I felt like crap all night and really antsy, like my muscles needed to move. Last night? I amped it up by hitting up bootcamp AND Zumba classes. Holy monkeys it felt amazingly awful. I'm sore and tired, but I'm also feeling unstoppable. Never in my life have I actually enjoyed exercising like I do right now, even when I was dancing 6 days a week I didn't feel this accomplished or strong. 

I realize that this post is getting long, therefore I will stop my random ranting for now.


  1. That's not TMI at all! My uterus has been skipping more about babies lately too :)

    So awesome that you're keeping up with the gym! As long as you feel great, that's what counts!

  2. Definitely not TMI. My Bio clock loves to kick my ass but I'm not giving in. No kids! NO KIDS! So glad the gym is giving you positive results, keep it up!

  3. I love the after I go to the gym feel!
    Jerk Face wants another baby right now.. and it's easy to get into the baby mode... but raising babies is hard! :) Enjoy your life together until you are completely ready!!


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