Thursday, June 30, 2011

Poor Zoey & Why I need a GPS

Two completely unrelated topics today, but they both happened today, so I guess they're kinda related.

First off, Poor Zoey!

Peanut and I headed out for our morning walk today. We were just strolling past the next-door neighbor's house when their boxer came charging down the driveway at use. Zoey panicked and started clawing at my leg for me to pick her up. I was trying to pick her up back she was shaking and the boxer was at my legs growling at me, so I'm pretty sure I half hung Zoey as I frantically tried to get her in my arms. Abandoning our walk, I quickly headed back home while yelling at the dog to "go home" and "go away"... but she still kept following us while growling viciously and jumping up towards my arms (as I now had Zoey cradled in my arms). Once I got home, I slammed the door on the dog, cause he tried to follow me in the house! Zoey and I both then went to the bay window to see if the dog was still there, and I noticed my neighbor was on his back porch smoking... um WHAT?!?!?! Are you freaking kidding me?!?! He heard/watched this go down and did absolutely nothing? What kind of loser do you have to be to not do a freaking thing while your dog freaks out on your neighbor and her 9 lb dog. Seriously? To top it off, Zo is no afraid to go near their house. On our afternoon walk she crossed the street and proceeded to slink by the house with her tail between her legs. My poor dog :( 

Okay, now that I've ranted about my no-good neighbor and his equally no-good dog, it is time for my other topic of the day: Why I need a GPS

I get lost. Plain and simple. I have no sense of direction and have some serious lack of direction-following abilities. Today was just one of a thousand times in my life in which I have gotten myself completely lost, frustrated, and a little scared.

Today I was taking the kids to a local fort on the ocean. Great place, been there a hundred times... but I've never driven there. When I was younger I went with school, my parents or friends. Since then I have gone every year with the summer camp I used to work at. Well, today I had to get myself there. To make it easier, I mapquested it, found the shortest route from the kid's house and wrote down the directions. It seemed simple enough. It was a 24 minute trip, most of which was through areas I am very familiar with. What actually happened? Well, after an hour and 5 minutes, 3 frantic phone calls to Drew, turning around 4 times, ending up on the highway going north, then ending up back on the highway to go south to get closer to where I wanted to be, and stopping at a state park to ask the park ranger how to get there... we finally made it... and had a great time. 

It. Was. Pathetic. The kids were even laughing at me, and I was close to tears. I hate feeling lost, and out of control... yet every time I am lost, I feel this way... and I may or may not get lost every single time I go somewhere new.

My birthday is in September, anyone wanna buy me a GPS?  


  1. UGH. Poor Zoey! Many hugs for traumatized pup! I'd be freaking out. I have no sense of direction either, thankfully my phone has free GPS in it.

  2. Booo for no GPSes! I am directionally challenged and my parents gave me theirs, and then lost the cord for their new one and took it back. I am forever lost. Start dropping those hints to Drew!

  3. I don't know what I did before I had a GPS!
    What a jerk neighbor! I'm not much of a dog person (I think they're cute..but from afar..)--so that would freak me out!!! (*there was a dog that lived down the road from me, growing up, and one summer it would always come running down to our house and terrorize us.)


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