Friday, June 3, 2011

Puppy Aunt and Uncle?

As I walked into the house today, amid Zoey scrambling up my leg and begging to be held, I started talking to her. My exact words were:

 "Auntie Abby is coming over in a bit and we're all gonna go to Uncle Booger's lacrosse game, doesn't that sound like fun?"

And then I wondered... do other people find it odd that I refer to my siblings as my dog's aunt and uncle? Do they find it even odder (is odder a word?) that Zo TOTALLY knew who I was talking about? 


  1. Uhhh not abnormal at ALL! Not only does Bruin have Aunt's and Uncle's, my parent's dog which we consider my sister's is "His Cousin Molly" Which he most DEFINITELY recognizes!

  2. Not odd at all!...My brother and sister are definitely aunt and uncle to my dogs...Even crazier is that my mom refers to her 2 dogs as our siblings too, therefore making them aunts to my


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