Thursday, June 9, 2011

Um.. hi? This week... where did you go?

Where in all that is holy did this week go? I had all these things that I needed to get done this week and all of a sudden it is Thursday and I am in no way prepared! No joke, I just wrote my to-do list, and it's CRAZY.

Sorry, not the best picture, but as you can see, the list is long... and the items on it are extensive and necessary. Worse? The majority of them HAVE to be done tonight. As in the 6 items on the list for my interview tomorrow... which I may or may not be fah-reaking out about right now.

...and there's a spider on the stairwell... I can't reach him, but he's gi-mongous ...I went to go take a picture for the blog, and he's gone. Which means somewhere in my house is a gi-mongous spider and most likely his entire gi-mongus family, just waiting to eat my face off... {sigh} 

...and! There are thunderstorms coming. Which don't freak me out on their own, except last summer, when there were thunderstorms one night when I was home alone, a tornado came... and Zoey and I had to hide out in the basement for a couple of hours while a tornado passed within two miles of my house... ever since then, when it gets stormy out, I get this anxious pit in my stomach that I can't reason away.

In conclusion: I'm stressed, being hunted by a giant spider and threatened by ominous thunder clouds that most likely preclude a tornado, but no big deal, i'll be fine...  i hope 

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