Monday, July 18, 2011

Blog Help!!!

Okay lovely readers, I need your help! For about 2 months now I have been TRYING to either center my header or stretch it out so it takes up the entire width of the page. Nothing I do seems to be working. This morning I linked up with a critique hop in which the only negative feedback I got was about my header!!!!! So please, if you are one of those tech-y amazingness people or a super blogger, hit me up with some advise. I took forever desigining that beauty and I loves the pictures in it, but I don't want the fact that it's to the left to distract from my blog.

Thanks! Love you all!!!!

p.s. welcome to all the new followers who have come aboard the last couple of weeks. I have loved all your comments and have enjoyed checking out your blogs too!


  1. Other than using the center tags, I have no clue. I hired my design out! Sorry I'm no help!

  2. So, what you're going to need to do is create a header that is the length of your blog. Looking @ your HTML, your blog width is 1150.

    In an editing software ( will do this!) just resize your header to a width of 1150. Careful when you do this, because your pics will probably be stretched.

    If they are stretched (you'll be able to tell) then just redesign the blog header with the new size! Just enter it in your blog (without clicking 'center to size') and voila! That should work!

    If it doesn't, or I'm being confusing, just email me and I would LOVE to help you out!

  3. How neat! A critique hop? where?
    *I have no idea how to help... besides google-ing it...? I coudn't figure out how to change my background for the longest time! (I had to remove stuff in order for the code to work... SO frustrating!)


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