Monday, July 11, 2011

Monday Moo

Today I am linking up with For the Love of Blog's Monday Moo. It's something different, so I thought I would give it a try and answer their questions. 

1.) Have you ever posted something and then deleted.
Haha, yup! Well, I don't think I've deleted a whole post, but I have gone back and edited something because I thought it might offend/upset someone. As honest as I like to be on my blog, I do have to censor myself some or I would piss off a lot of people who know me in real life.

2.) Do you know what you want to post about before you sit down or do you sit there and take forever sometimes.

It depends. Often I only sit down to blog when I already have an idea or topic I want to write about. Other times I am joining link ups. If I have to actually sit there and ponder what I'm going to post, then I don't bother to post that day. I figure if I force myself to write, then it's going to be crap and therefore pointless.

3.) What, if any topics are off limits. Do you engage in convo with your readers throughout the post and/or in comments.

Obviously anything crude or sexual I avoid, just because there are people who I know in real life who read this... and that would be awkward. Unfortunately there are things going on in my personal life that I desperately want to write about, because it would be cathartic, but again there are those pesky real-life people reading this, so those topics are off limits just because I don't want them reading it. The funny part, is that I have no qualms about complete strangers reading intimate details, I guess it's because if they judge me I either won't know about it, or won't care cause they are strangers.

I somewhat engage in convo in my readers, as in I write as though I am talking to them. When I get comments that really impact me though, I tend to e-mail the commenter or comment on their blog to continue the conversation.


  1. this is great! i totally feel you on the airing things out to strangers but not to people u know! awkward sometimes; there is the anonymous project if you ever wanted to vent:)

    i apologize for leaving a link (which i never do, but thought u might be interested)

    i too think it's important to engage in convo any way you can:) thanks for linking up today! enjoy the new week!

  2. I agree about the whole writing about personal things helping. What I've taken to doing is write about it anyway but just not post it. I find that's extremely helpful!! Maybe you could get yourself a journal for all those posts which are just too personal?
    Stopping by from Monday Moo's!!

  3. Isn't it funny we'll blog about stuff to strangers we don't want our friends/family to know. :-)

    Visting and following from VBoks...


  4. Following from BSN.

  5. I completely agree with you that writing to dtrangers is sooo much easier. I got involved with journal swapping for just that reason!

  6. I feel like my blog would be a whole lot more interesting if I was able to write about family members! :) (...Why did I tell them about my blog?.....)

  7. I'm a new blogger and learning alot from your blog. Thank you!


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