Monday, July 25, 2011

Monday Moo

I know I said earlier that I was going to do a "real" post about my weekend, but that requires effort and though and I haven't eaten dinner yet. So for now it's a Monday Moo. After dinner I swear on my life that I will blog for reals.

1. how often do you post something on your blog?  do you find that any particular day is better than another?
I try to post every day or every other day. Some times it's blog hops, sometimes a quick note, and other times its a full on analysis of my life. I don't have any days that are "better", it all depends on my mood, what I have for time, and most importantly: what I have for inspiration. There are days where I have 10 things that happen that each need thier own post and then I wont have anything that I "need" to post about for a week... it's random... kinda like me :)

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