Monday, July 25, 2011

Why I don't do outdoor canoeing a river

I am NOT an outdoors girl... as in I hate getting dirty, bugs, and animals that pinch, poke or bite. Why, you might ask, would I go on a trip that involves an entire day canoeing on a river? Cause the hubs likes it... and he made me. Just kidding, I agreed to go... not sure why, but it was actually pretty fun minus the whole paddeling a canoe thing.

Saturday morning after Zumba I rushed around like a chicken with its head cut off (omg, do not EVER google that's not pretty!!!!) to pack everything and get ready to go. Luckily my husband is a-freaking-mazing and he got up early to drop Zoey off at his parents (they were taking her to camp for the weekend) AND go grocery shopping. Like I said, he's awesome. We headed "up-North" and after 2+ hours of driving made it to a friend's family camp. The rest of the day consisted of sunbathing, hanging out, and this:

I know I posted month's ago about our friend's cannon and how I hadn't gotten any pictures or video the last time he set it off, so here it is. It may be redneck of me, but I love this freaking thing!

We loaded up some canoes

Sunday morning we loaded up our canoes and drove another 2 hours north to the river. About a mile after starting out, we ended up at this sweet rope swing. I was chicken at first, not gonna lie, but I ponied up and tried it. Clearly I am lacking in the upper body strength area, but it was still fun and even more fun to watch other people doing it. I let our friend's mom take pictures of this because I had to swim across the river to get to the swing, so I dont have any great pictures of it, but it was still pretty cool.


Rope swing and other paddlers trying not to get hit

Swimming, it was hot out!
Later we stopped at a small beach and noticed this weird track in the hill across from us. There was also a bucket at the bottom of the hill. Putting two and two together, we did this: (not me, I didn't want mud all over me, gross)

Like I said, all our stops were awesome, it was just the paddeling a canoe thing that I wasn't a fan of. Luckily, I've got this guy:

He's got some biceps of steel and loves his wife enough to let her lie in the front of a canoe and work on her tan while he paddled and steered (btw, the tan looks awesome!)

So overall, the weekend was a lot of fun, but exhausting. I needed a weekend to recover from my weekend. Alas, I had to go to work today, and the gym, cause I was a fatty this weekend.


  1. Holy cannon! (I have to watch videos without sound.. but the picture was enough!)
    Looks like you had a ton of fun this weekend! *And how can you be tired when your husband did all of the paddling? ;) just kidding! :)

  2. That cannon was awesome! And you're much braver than I, you couldn't get me on a rope swing! No way! Haha


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