Wednesday, August 17, 2011

20SB Blog Swap

First off let me introduce myself! My name is Lara ( is my home). I am guest blogging here as part of 20SB blog swap. I just had my first baby (born June 16th), and I am in a baby blogging RUT! Pre-baby I was exciting! I had a crazy fun active social life, traveled a TON, just got married in March 2010, but now that baby Everleigh is here I find my world (blogging world especially) revolving so much around her, its hard to write about anything else.  So its nice to have an opportunity to blog at a new address, meet some new readers, and have a fresh perspective. Our topic is summer, so lets see where this goes!

What makes summer SUMMER?
I find myself wondering this as now I am an adult, I work full time (other than currently I am off with my new baby) and there is no ‘summer holidays’ for my job, so what makes summer so fabulous?

If you are lucky enough to live in a place with seasons then you get the benefit of the heat in the summer. Our winters here are cold, dark, and feel so long. When the temperature starts rising, and everyone swtiches (way too quickly) to shorts, flip flops and mini skirts, you know that summer is on its way. Also in our city we have a major college and university that when school is out of session our roads are less busy, you can actually get a table at the popular patios, and you are riddled with 17 year olds trying to get in to all of the best bars.

I think everybody has their own opinion on what is the quintessential summer MUST. Whether you love, or hate the heat, there is always something summer has to offer, and these are my Summer musts:

I must go to a baseball game. We live near Toronto, and though the Blue Jays aren’t the most fabulous team its still fun to go enjoy a beer, a hotdog, and soak in the atmosphere.

I must go to a cottage. We are lucky enough to have a lot of friends and family who are generous with their cottages. The best place to go near us is the Huntsville, Parry Sound area in Northern Ontario. The rock from the Niagara Escarpment makes for such a beautiful landscape. There is no place more relaxing to me than a dock up north. I have cottaged many times with family, and friends, and every time is an absolute joy. I love conversations around a fire, after a couple glasses of wine. You just never know what people are going to say! 

I must enjoy as many lunches, and beverages on a patio as possible. Being from wintery Canada we don’t get many chances to do this, but this summer has been incredible for hot weather. The only difficult part for me now is getting my sun, while keeping my baby in the shade (ok ok, no more baby talk)

I must get a tan. I know, I know, skin cancer, sun damage. I always wear my sunscreen, I reapply often, I promise. But I do like to develop a nice brown glow over the summer. Nothing is cuter than some summery tan lines!

I must enjoy a few GREAT books! Anything by Sophie Kinsella, Jodi Picoult, or Barbara Delinsky is a perfect summer read!

So thats that! My summer musts. What are yours???

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