Monday, August 29, 2011

Irene must have done something to my brain yesterday...

Irene has come and gone and while I sympathize with all the people down south who were hit hard, Irene was a tease up here in Maine. She was hyped up all week and flaunted what her Mama (Nature) gave her... and then didn't put out. Not that I'm disappointed, she just didn't deserve all the attention we gave her up here.

Despite Irene being less than devastating around here, my first teacher day was cancelled, I'm assuming it is because there were a lot of people in town without power. Being the industrious overachiever that I am, I decided to go into school this morning to work on my room and plans. Great idea in theory, but it made me realize that my brain just isn't working today... I blame Irene.

About halfway to school I realized that I never grabbed my wallet. I needed it to stop at Target after school to get part of Drew's b-day gift (shhhh, don't tell him). Crap. Okay, I turned around, drove back... and couldn't find it! I searched all over the place... and then realized it was in my bag, yeah, the bag that had been in the backseat of my car the whole time. Smooth Amanda, smooth.

After I finished up at school I headed over to Target. As I got back in my car at the store I realized I didn't have my cell phone. Crap. The last time I remembered seeing it was on my desk. So I headed back over to school... and no dice. It wasn't on my desk or anywhere else around my room. I looked in my car real quick and still couldn't find it. 

So I started heading home. Debated about going back to Target to see if I had somehow left it in my basket or something, stressed about Drew being pissed because I had lost my phone (again) and tried to figure out what the hell had happened to it. At a red light I leaned over to grab my wallet before it slid off the seat... and there was my phone. Just sitting there. Wow Amanda, wow.

Not sure where my head is at today. Maybe it's stress, maybe I'm just losing it, but I don't know why I've already done that twice today... I blame Irene.

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