Wednesday, August 10, 2011

So What Wednesday

This week I am saying so what:

  • if I've been a bad blogger lately. I think I have a good excuse. Besides, if I had blogged last week, it would have been very emo and depressing... all my followers would have probably left me
  • if I ordered Domino's Saturday night when Drew was out of town because I was too lazy/lame to attempt cooking for one
  • if I bet Miss Mo she couldn't finish a book by noon today, just so I could read yesterday afternoon. She finished last night... so I'm out $2
  • if I really enjoyed being home alone all day Saturday (I had a friend spend the night because I'm chicken) I got to watch what I want to watch, putter around, and take a nap without feeling guilty about being unproductive, hey, we all need our space every now and then.
  • if I really want all of you to enter my giveaway cause it's an awesome book and I want others to enjoy it!


  1. I miss being home alone! I would love to lay on the couch, eat pizza and watch only MY tv programs! Ahhh! Sounds wonderful! :)


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