Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Summer 2011

School has officially started. I had my first staff day today in my new school. Tomorrow the 3rd graders come and Thursday I get my 5th graders. While I am really excited to get this new year (and new school) started, I'm not quite ready for summer to be over... so here is my ode to Summer 2011:

Summer 2011... it's been both the best, and the worst. Honestly, there have been so many ups and downs this summer that I feel like I've been on a roller coaster. In June I got laid off from teaching at the middle school I have been at for the 3 years since college. I spent 2 1/2 months stressing, agonizing and freaking out about trying desperatly to find a job. In August, I got hired in the same district as a 5th grade teacher which is amazing and exciting.

In June I found out about some health issues I have. While I still need some more tests done to confirm things and figure out treatment, it has been scary to know that there is something wrong with my body, and not be able to do something about it. I'm not ready to discuss this yet on my blog, but when (and if) I feel ready I will.

In July I lost my grandfather. It has been one of the hardest things I've ever had to deal with. I have never lost anyone I was that close to, and this was rather unexpected, so it just hit me like a ton of bricks and I've been slowly working through my grief.

Along with all of that, I spent the entire summer with 2 amazing kids. I've talked about them a little on here, but nannying for Miss Mo and G-man was one of the best decisions I've ever made. Yes, some days it was exhausting, frustrating and even a little painful (ever had a matchbox car chucked at you by an angry 5-year old?) but overall it was amazing. I fell in love with these kids, went on amazing days trips, worked on my tan... and got paid for it! I already miss seeing them everyday. Luckily, Miss Mo goes to my new school, so I can see her in the hall a bit. Plus, their mom promsed that she would "go away" a lot (per Miss Mo's request) so I can spend time with the kids. Score.  would totally do it for free, but getting paid for it is even better.

So that was my summer in a (large) nutshell. While I'm sad to see it go, I (think) I am ready for the bigger and better that is to come. Hopefully the 2011-2012 school year will be an amazing year for me.

How was your summer? Was there one big thing that colored your summer or was it a roller coaster of emotions like mine was? Please share, I would love to hear about it!


  1. School was supposed to start here on Monday, but I'm on the East Coast, and we lost power for a few days. So now it starts tomorrow. My son is going into first grade and he's super excited.

    I'm visiting and following from vB. I hope the 2011-12 school year is fantastic for you!

  2. Good Luck with the new year! *And I hope everything's okay healthwise!

  3. Your summer has had such ups and downs - hope everything's okay with your health!

  4. Here from FTLOB Critique me!!! First of all your doggy is freaking cute!! I browsed through your blog for a bit and I thi k you need more PICTURES!! but that's just my opinion :) I'm more of a picture person and hate reading long posts. Hope that wasn't too devilish ;) lol




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