Saturday, September 10, 2011

According to Drew

As he heads outside to play with wires:

Drew: Ok, I'm heading out. If you hear a loud thud and some screaming, followed by silence...

Amanda: Call 9-1-1?

Drew: Nah, start celebrating

...duely noted

After an exhausting week at school, I spent all day today painting because for some reason we stupidly thought it would be a good idea to have a housewarming party... and suddenly that party is next week... we're so screwed. Okay, not really... we just have a lot work left, but you would be amazed by the way we've transformed this house. Maybe someday I'll have the energy needed to find the pictures from when we bought the place and do a post full of before and afters... yeah, energy... what is that again?

These are my feet after today's painting adventures... Yeah, I paint barefoot.

Not sure if this post is going to format right as it is my first attempt posting via my phone

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  1. I like that he said 'start celebrating'... :)
    I ALWAYS paint barefoot (or in socks.. which I still get paint on my feet)... I thought that was the ONLY way to paint? :)


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