Sunday, September 4, 2011

Apple Drama

For my birthday the hubs (being the awesome guy that he is) got me an iPhone. I've been wanting one forevers and a day, but could never pony up the cash. We got new phones almost two years ago, so we had also been waiting for an upgrade through our carrier.

Okay, so I loves it... I loves it a lot. BUT there was a lot of drama and trips to the Apple store this weekend before I got to the "loves" point.

Friday: Drew bought my phone and kept it hidden in his truck. It was not activated nor turned on at this point

Saturday: My birthday! Drew gave me my gift at like 8am (I may or may not be impatient when it comes to getting gifts. Drew may be aware of this so he is in the habit of giving me my gifts early on important days, kudos to him). So we got to the AT&T store at like 9 and had my phone activated. By 10 I had noticed the camera wasn't working. So we went back to the store where we were told we would have to drive over to the Apple store at the mall because Drew had bought it the day before. grrrr.

Went to the Apple store, the people were great and they swapped out my phone for a new one. No problem.

...Later that night, it froze on me. The touch screen wouldn't work and was freezing up, but then would randomly work again. It was soooo frustrating.

Sunday: Went first thing this morning to the Apple store to have them look at it. Again, they were great. Swapped out my phone, switched over my contacts, no problem.

Since then it has been fine. Awesome actually. I love it and am having so much fun playing with it. Hopefully 3rd time is a charm and I wont have any more issues. Cause I love me my iPhone, but I'm not going to deal with constant issues and breaking.

And just for cuteness, here is a pic of Zoey taken while I was painting the house:

Gotta love that face


  1. oooh!!! I SO want an iPhone!!
    Glad it works for you now!!

  2. Your Dog Is really cute. We Have A Dog Named Gidget . Boy Does She Have A Great personality.

  3. I'm a new follower from voiceBoks. Hope you can stop by


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