Monday, September 12, 2011

Are we literacy-ing now?

5th graders have to walk in lines... as in I have to walk them lines. Blah. Anyways, my kids stink at it. Okay, they don't really, but they end up talking and "clumping" which is a major no-no in this school. Can't say I blame them, I would totally do the same, but part of my job is enforcing The Line. So, on Friday... we practiced line walking. Pretty sure my 5th graders were mortified since, really, only the 3rd graders "practice" line-walking. But I made my 23 march all over the school (it's a big school, took more than 20 minutes). While walking down N-Wing, one of them said "it smells like a dentist in here" I couldn't help laughing. On W-Wing she said "it smells like the doctors office... man I've gotten all my healthcare needs met this afternoon"-I almost peed.

This morning the same girl was reading the schedule on the board, she asked me "are we literacy-ing now?"

I think I love her

5th graders are funny. The stuff that comes out of their mouths just makes me laugh. Even better? It's not inappropriate like the middle school kids. Middle schoolers crack jokes that are naughty, and I would have to pretend not to laugh or turn away so I wouldn't laugh. I can laugh with my 5th graders... I've been laugh a lot the past couple of weeks.

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