Monday, September 19, 2011

How rude!

Name that 90's child star!

Parents are rude to teachers. Straight up rude. Granted some are fantastic and do everything in their power to make their child's teacher's life easier... But others? Well theyre just mean and rude. Maybe it's because I'm young... Maybe I just plain suck, but I have had more than my fair share of rude parents. Case in point, the e-mail I received today informing me that I must have forgotten to give her son his spelling today and that she "expects" me to get it done tomorrow. Well, he must have "forgotten" to show up for school the other day to take his test and I "expect" that he not play hooky again to visit the Boston aquarium with his dad... Mmmm-Kay?

In other news; I was all motivated and ready to get back in my daily gym habit today as the beginning of the school year chaos has (somewhat) abated. So I got home from work, let the dog out, got ready and headed out the door... Without my keys. Boo. Now it's 4:15, I've been sitting on the deck for 20 minutes... Drew will be home in another 45... Curse my paranoia-drive obsession with locking all doors, windows, and other entrances to my house!

Yay for the iPhone, without which I would be incredibly bored right now.


  1. You may have already see this article, but: What teachers really want to tell parents

    I never want to be one of these parents!

  2. Oh that drives me crazy! I once was yelled at because I got onto a student for needing to go to the bathroom 5 minutes after our bathroom break! I really wanted to say... like you wouldn't get upset if you had to stop the car 5 minutes after the last pit stop. Geez!

  3. Stephanie Tanner!!! :)
    I also like "Well pin a rose on your nose" :)
    Sorry for rude parents. That's awful. :(

  4. I used to be a teacher, so I know exactly what you're talking about. You don't suck, honey. Things have changed since we were kids. Now parents have taken all the authority away from teachers and think all their kids do is super cute...
    I can't wait to have kids, you know. I'm a newlywed and I'm looking forward to that. But I'm old school.
    I'm a new follower, by the way! Hope you find the time to come visit me too. Maybe we could follow each other?


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