Thursday, September 8, 2011

The iPhone has been great...

...for everything except blogging.

I heart my iPhone :) It is amazingness. I am sooo on top of Facebook. I've got me some good reads. It's tracking my fatness weight-loss attempts, I know when I've got new e-mails or when my imaginary restaurant is making bank (don't judge). This puppy does it all. The only thing I can't figure out? Blogging. I mean I can use Safari to go to my blog and update... but it doesn't work well. Everything is tiny and hard to read. I've looked, but haven't found an App for it (wth, I thought there was an app for everything?)

So those of you who mobile blog, how do you do it? Does it work well for you or is it easier to hop on the computer?

On another note, I had a student's parent come in this morning and offer to take some of my predecessor's curriculum materials home with her to copy, put in a binder and organized. I think I might have fallen in love with her :) I can't remember if I mentioned it before (and I'm too lazy to go look) but she left me 20-something binders of materials, assessments and activities. While her teaching style is nothing like mine  a little different than mine, I don't know what I will need in the future, so I am hoping to keep copies of it all. She is coming in at the end of the month to take them away, so I've been stressing about getting it done. This mom (and a couple of others too!) is a lifesaver. So those of you who have kids in school, offer to help out thier teacher. Even if it is something small, it can make a huge difference and really help your child's teacher focus on this cool thing called teaching

Okay, preaching over. Thank goodness tomorrow is Friday!


  1. :) I will definitely keep this post in mind when LB gets into school!!

  2. I've been mobile blogging all summer, because up until this week we were without internet. I thought it was easiest to set ip the email blogging. I will say it's definitely easier to go to the laptop.

  3. On my iPad I use Blogger. Im not sure if it is compatible with iPhone though!
    Hope you find something soon!

  4. Wow thanks Auto correct!! Lol, I meant to say I use Blogsy!!


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