Thursday, September 15, 2011

Ugh... Not smart

Yesterday was Drew's birthday. Being the loving fat wife that I am I decided to order cupcakes from Georgetown Cupcakes... Yeah, that place on TLCs DC Cupcakes. It came with a hefty price tag... But oh my sweet tooth were the worth it! Amazingness... Well the tasted amazing, but since I hadn't eaten carbs in more than a week and decided to binge on 3 cupcakes AND thai food... I wasn't feeling too hot, not to mention the cupcake baby bump I was sporting by the end of the night! So here are some pix of our cupcake adventure:

The box... ain't it perty?
Before we dug in

Layer 1: Cooler bag with GIANT ice pack in it
Chocolate lava...fudge on the inside!


  1. Yum! So worth a little tummy trouble and food bump :)

  2. new friend and follower from vB follower party!


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