Wednesday, October 26, 2011

9 years peoples... 9!

October 26th, 2002- Drew finally got the courage (after a lot of encouragement from my three best friends) to ask me out. That was nine years ago people. Nine! How many people at 25 can say they've been with their significant other for nine years?

Sorry, I'm bragging.
But I'm pretty sure I have every right. We've come a long way, been through a lot together, and most of the time we still kinda like each other. These days, that's a major accomplishment.

Now I would be celebrating today, but Drew informed me that since we got married we have a "new" anniversary that trumps the "old" one, and therefore it's not real anymore. Well boo to you Drew, boo to you. Fine, this isn't our 9 years of dating anniversary, it is our 2 years and 4 months wedding anniversary. So happy anniversary. I'm celebrating even if you're not!


  1. Freaking guys and forgetting the dating anniversary! lol.. I'll celebrate with you!! :) Happy Anniversary!!!!

  2. Love it! Mike and I don't have a dating anniversary exactly (I'm in the midst of telling the very long story of how we started dating right now), but it was around this time of year, so I always count the number of years we've been together approximately from October/November 2004. Sometimes I use my birthday as the "official" start date since we went on our first "date" then, even though Mike didn't think we were dating. (Like I said, long story) :)

  3. I've always wondered what happens to a dating relationship after getting married. It seems kind of strange to "start over" in a way. In April of next year, my boyfriend and I will have been together for 9 years (and I'm 25 - holy crap). But once we get married...we start over at 1?

    I'm with you on this one - happy 9 years! (Or 2 years and 4 months)

  4. :) Awe! Happy Anniversary!!!
    Dirty rotten boys! They try to get out of everything! ;)


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