Monday, October 3, 2011

Bruise update

Cause I know you were all dying to know (and cause I am a sick, sick person who likes to share these things) I decided to give you all an update on my sick-nasty bruise from last week.

This is what it looked like Thursday

For those who need a reminder, this puppy came complements of the phlebotomist at my doctor's office... impressive right? At first I just thought it was funny, whatever so I bruise easily. By yesterday though... I worried a little. Maybe this wasn't "normal", maybe something had gone wrong...

So I made a big mistake... I googled "huge bruise from blood draw"...DON'T google that! It made me feel queasy and even worse about the blood pooled under my skin.

At school today I decided to go don't to the nurse's office to get her take on it. First she laughed at my paranoia, but then she confirmed that the woman must have (stop reading now if you get queasy easily!) pierced straight through the vein then pulled back to get the blood she needed which caused me to hemorrhage into my skin (excuse me while I go throw up a bit). She recommended that I not lift any weights or exert my arm until it heals more because (depending on how much she tore it) it could cause it to reopen.

And now I need to stop, because I am making myself sick writing about this... and I feel like I need to go wrap something around it, cause it's freaking me out.

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