Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Guess what I did today!

I rode one of these:

No joke. One of my 5th graders taught me how.

Okay, I need to backtrack a bit. I am "coaching" (I use that term lightly since I have to freaking idea what I'm doing 110% of the time, but I'm technically in charge) a children's... I guess you could call it a circus, or tricks team, I dunno what we really are. Basically it's this group that teaches kids to ride unicycles, juggle and do other random tricks that are really hard but look cool. Actually the team is pretty awesome and has been involved in national parades in D.C. and all kinds of other events.

So why the hell do they want me?

Cause I said yes!

Why the hell did I say yes?

Cause I'm crazy- and I get paid

I agreed to do it because it's one night a week, I get a stipend, AND it counts on my Reduction In Force (RIF) list for school. You know, those points that determine if I still have a job if we have budget cuts again... yeah, those same points that caused me to lose my job last June. To be honest, the main incentive for me doing it was the points. I like my job (actually I LOVE this new job) and I want to stay. The cash is just an added bonus.

Going into this, I knew nothing. Since I'm a klutz  mildly uncoordinated, I didn't expect to really do well. However I've surprised myself. This is week 2. So far I have learned to juggle 3 scarves, 3 balls (not for long, but I can still do it) and ridden 15 feet on a unicycle (with a 10 year old holding my hand, whatevs).

I really like this. I'm meeting new kids in my school who I would otherwise never come in contact with. I have 2 of my own students who love  the fact that they're teaching their teacher something (T taught me the unicycle, and was so psyched that she can tell people she taught me something new).

So yeah, I've got mad skills, but don't expect pix... that's so not happening.


  1. I call pics or it didn't happen, this is a must see!

  2. :) I agree with Britt! Ha! :)

    Sounds like a lot of fun!!
    Unicycles are HARD! I tried to ride one once.. no bueno.


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