Friday, October 7, 2011

Guilt Plant

I kill plants. Plain and simple.

Not on purpose, I actually kind of like the green suckers... but something about me turns them off, and they commit plant-icide in order to get away from me. Last Christmas Drew's grandmother gave me an "unkillable even by Amanda" bulb that she swore would thrive under my black thumb. It's still alive (I think) but has never thrived or flowered...actually, I'm not sure where it is right now. Last I knew it was on the back porch, we had a frost last, I'm to lazy to go check on it (could be part of our issue).

Unfortunatly, an new green thing has entered our abode... and I'm not sure how he (yes, it's a "he") will fare.

Enter, the guilt plant:

This was a housewarming gift from my aunt, who explained to me that it was given to her by my great-grandmother years ago. My great-grandmother, who has since passed away, had grown this plant in my great-grandfather's barber shop for years. Thus, Guilt Plant has a lineage, and a history.

That is a lot of pressure to put on the black-thumbed. So somehow I have to keep this thing alive... and I worry about what will happen if I fail... will my great-grandmother's ghost come back to smite me? Will my aunt feel I failed? Ahhhh.... too. much. pressure.

Anyone out there want a plant? No idea what kind it is, but it's old and special... you just have to be prepared to bring it back anytime my aunt visits... any takers?

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  1. Agghhh!! I'm the same way with plants! *Although, I actually am keeping Ferdinand alive - he's a money tree that Jerk Face sent me for m birthday while he was in Iraq. I did kill an entire family though. The Cactles. Jerk Face now says I'm less nurturing than a desert...

    *BUT! My grandma gave me an aloe plant that was from my great grandma for LB when she was born. I too, feel the pressure!!! :) It's semi-sort of making it... I haven't watered it for awhile.... maybe a few months, I should go see if it's alive...


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